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bitfarm-Archiv DMS - Did You Know...?

Self-Hosted Document management system: What are the advantages?

Learn, why self-hosting a DMS can benefit compared to cloud solutions.

Document management system for nonprofit

In this guide, we will show you how to choose the right document system for nonprofit organizations.

Document management system for government

In this guide, we will show you how to choose the right document system for a government.

Document management system for higher education

In this article, we will show you how to choose the right document system for higher education.

Document management system for banks

Learn, why a document management system can greatly help within the banking industry.

Document management system in human resources

Learn, why a document management system can greatly improve projects in human resources.

Document management system in the construction industry

Learn, why a DMS can greatly improve projects in the industry sector.

DMS in the healthcare industry

Learn, why a DMS can greatly improve patient care in the healthcare sector.

DMS Training: Free Guides & Professional Workshops

Get free access to various resources related to document management. We have provided an overview of materials that will help them research and implement a document management system.

On-Premise Document Management or DMS Cloud?

When introducing a document management system, companies must decide whether they want to store the data on-premise or externally in a cloud. Learn which solution is best for you.

Open Source Email Archiving: The Guide for Audit-Proof Archiving in 2024

Emails are an integral part of modern business communication. Learn why & how emails should be archived in an audit-proof manner. In addition, we show you the best practices in mail archiving within bitfarm-Archiv.

Document Capture: What are the possibilities?

Learn 6 methods for document capture & how to implement them with bitfarm-Archiv.

When scanning documents, the best method for document capture will reduce the time to import your files in our DMS. This is especially crucial when dealing with a large number of documents.

Document Change Control: What is it and how to implement it?

Having an organized system for changes on a document is important for every document.

Learn how to implement a document change control and which tools bitfarm-Archiv is offering.

Workflow Analysis: What is it and how to do it?

Workflows are crucial in nearly every company and sometimes include redundant tasks which are costly and increase the time for completion.

Learn how to do a Workflow Analysis in 6 Steps for saving timey & money.

SAP & Document Management Systems: The Complete Guide for 2024

SAP and document management systems have been an important part of business processes for many years. Learn what you need to pay attention to when using an interface between the two applications.

DMS-Migration: Transfer of old documents & metadata or re-entry?

When introducing a new DMS, the question arises whether the existing database can be taken over by means of an automated migration or whether manual re-entry makes more economic sense. Which further points should be considered and the 4 steps of a typical DMS migration are described in our article.

Document management for the home office

Working in the home office is becoming increasingly widespread. Thanks to modern hardware and software, many work processes can now be designed similar to those in the office. Document management systems such as bitfarm-Archiv DMS play their part and take over the digitalization of formerly paper-bound information....

The resubmission in bitfarm-Archiv 3.6

In version 3.6 we have redeveloped the resubmission function of the Viewer. Although the basic functions were implemented analogous to the previous version, there are still differences and innovations in the practical use, which we briefly introduce here. ...

Delegatable administration in bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6

Depending on the size of a company, setting up and continuously maintaining complex DMS structures can be time-consuming and personnel-intensive. bitfarm-Archiv DMS has therefore introduced the delegable administration with version 3.6....

New with bitfarm-Archiv Version 3.6 – Symbolic Links

In the past, the tree structure of the bitfarm-Archiv DMS did not allow a document to be visible at different locations in the archive without being captured several times. For the first time, the new bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6 enables the creation of one or more symbolic links ...

New Function - search result highlighting in Version 3.6

bitfarm-Archiv DMS has always represented a powerful full-text search, thanks to modern text recognition and fast database technology. Until now, however, the possibilities to determine the exact position of the search term in the respective document were limited. As of version 3.6, bitfarm-Archiv has a graphical search result highlighter...

BMInfo – Notification via e-mail

The bookmarks in bitfarm-Archiv save a previously defined search process and make it easier to find documents that still need to be edited. Especially when dealing with a large number of documents, they may provide a better overview than, for example, the resubmission function. With the new BMInfo program, which is installed on the server...

bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6 - F9 opens importer preview

The integrated importer replaces the external scan program Manuscan in bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6. While in Manuscan, a scan pool was used in order to separate and sort the documents that were read in by stacks, this is now possible from the integrated importer. The document in question, however, is not automatically displayed in a larger preview...