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Savings due to Document Management

Do you know how much time is spent in your company searching for documents and information? Imagine employees were able to respond to inquiries immediately without having to search for documents. Documents could practically never be lost on their way through the company and could be retrieved at any time with a mouse click, even when they are being processed.

How much space is used for paper filing? What does this space cost per month/year? How much time do employees spend transporting documents through the company? Can't the motivation of employees be increased if time-consuming searches for information are no longer necessary and documents and information are immediately available?

Digital document management has a high savings potential. Just by introducing a digital archiving solution without ECM functions you save time and money:

  • 50-90 % reduction of processing time (transport, wait times, research, administration, administration, troubleshooting etc.)
  • 20-40 % reduction of work steps (document removal, delivery, distribution, filing, register insertion, document search etc.)
  • 2 20-40 % reduction of processing costs (additional costs for manpower and working time of conventional document management)

Source: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung (Working Group for Economic Administration)

Number/position of employees Time share manual filing Time saving with DMS Annual salary Savings potential per year
2 Managers 5% 50% 60.000€ 3.000€
10 Professionals 10% 50% 35.000€ 17.500€
5 clerks 20% 50% 24.000€ 12.000€
2 office assistants 50% 80% 18.000€ 14.400€
Total 46.900

Cost-benefit analysis Examples (*)

In cost-benefit analysisElectronic Document Management is an IT investment that creates sustainable advantages in companies after only a short period of time. In comparison to other IT investments, electronic Document Management occupies a top position. Many evaluations by independent experts as well as our own customer surveys prove this.

Investment Costs Direct advantage Indirect advantage Economic valuation
Installation of a firewalll approx. 5000,- € incl. service - - - More security, but the economic advantage cannot be quantified directly ~ ~
New Server 8000,- € incl. service Increased access speed in ERP applications Higher reliability +
Exchange of all computers & new operating systems approx. 50.000,- € Faster working in all programs, newer hard- and software applicable. Lower maintenance costs, increased employee motivation ++
Introduction of a Document Management System approx. 10.000,- € incl. service Significantly accelerated search for documents & information, increased productivity Less lost documents and information, increased transparency, improved controlling and increased employee motivation and service quality. +++

(*) Typical examples of a medium-sized enterprise with a certain volume of documents or information. Depending on the current situation, other IT investments may be more economically viable.