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Quantifying savings potential

Some sample calculations

A high savings potential is hidden in the term Document Management. Even with the introduction of a digital archiving solutionECM not included – you save time and money:

  • 50-90 % Reduction in processing time (transport, idle times, research, administration, management, bug fixing etc.)
  • 20-40 % Decrease in work steps (document removal, presentation, distribution, filing, register depository, document searching etc.)
  • 20-40 % Reduction of processing costs (additional cost for staff and work times of conventional document management)

Tableau (rough schematic diagram)

Savings through document management, tabular listing

Electronic bills = paper-based bills

The cabinet of the European Union treat electronic bills and paper-based bills as equals.

Extract from the original text

"Since the use of electronic invoicing can help businesses to reduce costs and be more competitive, current VAT requirements on electronic invoicing should be revised to remove existing burdens and barriers to uptake. Paper invoices and electronic invoices should be treated equally and the administrative burden on paper invoicing should not increase."

Original text (PDF, 176 KB)