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Commercial Documents

In many companies, archiving of commercial documents is one core segment of archiving. The requirements here are audit-proof archiving, the correct indexing and the rapid retrieval of various contents, if necessary. Furthermore in many companies and institutions, the processing of documents directly in the DMS, is being used. Typical here, is the incoming invoice workflow, which automatically sends the document to the case worker and defines the tasks for e.g. the auditing or approval.

With a click on the right mouse button, the workflow tasks, which are defined in this example as bookmarks in the tree, can be used. Alternatively tasks can be actively send, e.g. via e-mail or pop-up window in the system tray. Also mixed workflow szenarios are possible, if it's appropriate.

Not only scan documents can be captured and archived by bitfarm-Archiv Document Management. Archiving of dokuments, coming from ERP-System, is also possible. They will be archived fully automatically via digital interface.

How does the program know, who is the right case worker? Answer: A set of rules defines it automatically. For many documents there is no need, to manually classify them. This can be also done by the DMS.


Often it is useful to capture the documents, directly at the incoming side. Because of this early capture, all involved user groups get the information quickly. Documents can be found, even if they are in progress.

In this Example the delivery note is captured, as soon as the delivery is in the warehouse. The warehouse clerk can directly set all important information to the document, which can be later used by the audit.

In this case, the status of the delivery is configured with a muliple combox, which requires an entry. The clerk can also set several selections at once.

The Document will be linked automatically with the incoming invoice because of the delivery number. The clerk can retrieve the whole transaction file with one click. This also works with several delivery notes on an collective invoice.

Even in the shipping department the clerks are happy about simple document capture. Bills and transfer-documents will be scanned by just one click. There is no need to manually keyword the documents. Because of the text recognition (OCR), a retrieval with the tracking number is always possible.

Editing Original Documents

For the holistic approach for which the Open Source DMS is to use, working with office documents is an important part. bitfarm-Archiv offers the tools to create, edit and publish documentations and handbooks, contract templates, correspondence, newsletters or any kind of document.

The versioning as part of the Enterprise-Version saves the different workingsteps for each document. Creating a new version is always possible, by clicking the button "original file". The document will be opened in the suitable application such as MS-Word, Open Office or CAD. As you can see it in the screenshot below, older versions can be shown as well and may be used as a template for a new document. The shortinfo shows the current state of progress.

Check-In and Check-Out allow an exclusive write access and prevents conflicts. Checked-out documents can also be used with the offline Viewer, for working with the documents if you are not in the company. The documents can be syncronised back into the live system later on.


With the workflow-functions of the DMS it is easy to realise a two-man-rule or a six-eye-principle needed for the QM regulations. Each document has to enter a review and approval workflow. Above you can see a possible configuration for such a szenario. You can also define a document`s livetime which makes them either invalid at this date, or they need to be updated. With special saved queries, each user can see what he have to do. (example below)

During the time of creating and editing, a document is visible for only a small circle of users. This changes once the document is released. Now the document is available for a greater circle of users and replaces the previous version, which now can be marked as "outdated". Only if a new document respectively a new version is marked as "published", authorised members can see them.

The list of results can be individual configured by every user for every archive. The DMS remembers automatically the postion, size, colums, filter and sorting and also the individual window view of the user. For statistics, lists can be exported by one click to Excel, Open-Office or CSV.


For the task management there are not only the "saved queries" (screenshot above), it can also be used a task-list for realising the processes. Documents can be personalized with a single click either in the own task list, or even in the list of other users. With the favorites-funktion frequently recurring processes can forward to the right person, by only one click. The programmed workflows can automatically fill the personalized tasks-list. Also a change of a document which is subscribed by a user can start the workflow. Or a workflow from the contract-management, or an audit, or...

The advantage of the task-list is, that there is no need for updating it by the user. The user gets the information even if he have not opened the DMS. A tray-icon, which also loaded when the computer starts, ensures this and instructs the user on new tasks until he starts the Viewer and takes the information about his new responsibilities.

Tasks can also be forwarded. Because of the Controller-Function, the one who forwards and the author from a task can comprehend where the task is. An escalation if exceeding the time limit, the controller gets automatically. With replacement functions it is possible to work with representatives in case of vacation and illness. Alternatively tasks can also given to groups.


For each document bitfarm-Archiv DMS stores an "incorruptible" history with all actions which are proceed to the document. Authorized user can see it. (Screenshot below)

Which user has made the annotation, or has changed the field values, or has updated a document, or has printed, or has sent it by e-mail and how was the workflow and yes you can also see if someone only has viewed the document (if configured). Personal evaluations are not possible because of legal reasons. (not with standard tools)


Typical area of application of bitfarm-Archiv DMS are all kinds of administrations. Wether in the business management or public administration they have all kinds of documents which must be archived structured, audit-proof and in form of electronic case files and and they must be rapidly accessible if required. The necessary data and authorization structures can be created easily.

For the contract management there are several special functions in the Enterprise-Version, which captured the contract data and allows a dedicated evaluation. The case worker, or the authorized group gets automatically the contract via workflow when a termination time is imminent. Thus the termination of not needed contracts can be done timely and will not be forgotten.

E-Mail Archiving

E-mails are another very important kind of documents in business. If you want to realise a completely electronic document management, they also must be archived.

bitfarm-Archiv offers different ways for this. Order related e-mails or e-mails with a project reference can be directly archived from Outlook, by using the Outlook-addin. With the rules of the DMS, e-mails can be also automatically archived. Even POP3-accounts can be direct connect with archives form the DMS.

The representation of archived e-mails in the DMS is the same as every other document. Similar to Office-documents, the archived e-mail can be opened in the installed e-mail program, by click on the button "original file". E-mails can be linked with processes, projects or acts, the same applies for the attachments, which are as individual documents in the DMS but always be linked with the e-mail.

It is also possible to send e-mails with the bitfarm-Archiv DMS. By using the MAPI-interface, this will work with all standard e-mail programs. By using SMTP, also the workflow can inform users about new tasks. They get resource-conserving DOCID-Hyperlinks, which are referenced to the document in the DMS by click.

In the example above, several areas were made unrecognizable. For this there is no need for graphics software, because the Viewer offers such functions. Blackened prices in a document can be done with a few clicks, also signature / stamp a document and send it as PDF.

Image Archive

Even images and layouts can be archived in the DMS. bitfarm-Archiv supports in addition to the popular image formats a range of design-formates e.g. Adobe Illustrator.

If required, the software can also automatically reduce the pictures resolution, if user set unknowingly or accidentally very large images from digital cameras. Because of this, a meaningful space usage is almost forced. If high resolutions are required, bitfarm-Archiv DMS reserves this. EXIF data can be read automatically from images and stored in additional fields.

More file-formats

It is also possible to archive movies or mp3 in the DMS. De facto each file, even executable programs or programcode can be archived, if the administraor allows it. This is for example used in the mechanical engineering, where a machine and its documents also include control programs.

Szenario working with different documents at the same time

If it is necessary to work with different documents at the same time, a double click suffices and the document will be opened in a separate window. The window is independent from the Viewer and freely positioned e.g. on a second screen. The position is memorized, so that documents will be opened always there.

It is possible to open many of such editor-windows. With the editor it is also possible to use "private annotations", a graphical info layer which is available for each user on each document and is not seen by other users - unless you invites to a specific user.

Still missing information?

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