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 Woman wearing headset working with a DMS

What are the Advantages of introducing a Document Management System?

Structured filing & fast retrieval of information

We all know the daily search for important documents and information. Filing and searching for documents is time-consuming for humans, but no problem at all for computers.

Thanks to high-performance servers and precise, automatic text recognition, even large volumes of documents can easily be captured and stored using a document management system in such a way that a subsequent search quickly leads to the desired document.

Wherever a lot of documents and information have to be processed and stored, which should also be available quickly if required, the investment in a Document Management System is worthwhile.

Optimise Processes & reduce Costs

The increase in process speed through the use of a DMS is enormous and has a positive influence on all areas of the company. The structured filing increases productivity and work quality.

The savings that can be achieved this way might be quite tangible: missed cash discount periods or missed termination options are a thing of the past.

When companies are looking for ways to reduce costs in times of tougher competition, electronic document management is definitely an option to consider.


A document management system also ensures greater transparency of document processes in the company. Where previously important documents were lost hopelessly in stacks of paper and had no prospect of being processed soon, the situation changes abruptly with the introduction of a DMS and disciplined, consistent document capture.

All authorized employees can view documents at any time, even when they are being processed. No matter where or by which employee. The document history enables traceability of who has done what with documents and when. Document loss after scanning is impossible.

„As a craft business we started pragmatically. At first we only archived the invoices and delivery notes. After half a year, our employees found it no longer useful to keep paper files. Thus, all old files and invoices were archived. Today, all information is available at the touch of a button. The time saved by eliminating the unnecessary search for filed information and the resulting employee satisfaction is gigantic.“

(Jürgen Maicher, ACCENTFORM GmbH)