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Why Document Management?

What is the use of a Document Management System?

Who does not know the daily search for important data and document, the constant running after specific information?

The filing of and searching for documents is time consuming for people, but not for the computer. Wherever documents and information get filed in large quantities and have to be available at short notice when needed, investing in a Document Management System is worthwhile.


Thanks to sufficiently fast servers and exact, automatic text recognition large amounts of documents can be captured without effort and filed in a way, which makes a later retrieval of the required document easy and very fast. The advantage of bringing more transparency into processing can be a further reason for introducing a Document Management System in the company. Productivity and quality of labour also profit from it.

All in all, a Document Management System like bitfarm-Archiv DMS is - in contrast to some other things - one of those IT investments, where the Return-on-Invest is apparent and can be calculated.

Cost reduction

If companies are looking for possibilities for cost reduction in times of growing and harder competition, an electronic Document Management is definitely one possibility, which is worth looking at more closely.

Detailed analysis