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Experience bitfarm-Archiv Document Management live

All interested parties can get a more detailed insight into bitfarm-Archiv Document Management via a resource-efficient, free online presentation without any obligations.

One of our bitfarm-Archiv DMS specialists introduces the Enterprise system live via internet desktop sharing. No software needs to be installed for this. The free of charge TeamViewer, a telephone, a cup of tea or coffee as well as one to two hours of time is sufficient, depending on the details and questions you are interested in having answered.

What you can expect

  • Comprehensible introduction of the software and its concepts
  • How are documents entered into the DMS and how are they retrieved?
  • Working on documents as a team
  • Sequence and options of workflows
  • Presentation of the ECM functions
  • Integration into other systems
  • Discussion and question session

Your benefit

  • Save valuable time on evaluation.
  • Get to know the system live and rate the concepts and operability.
  • Avoid mistakes that happen when you "do-it-yourself".
  • Ask questions directly and receive an answer with a live demonstration.
  • Discuss your DMS/ECM project and the solution options for your requirements based on examples.

Making an appointment

Please send us your desired date for an appointment with a short note about your company/institution and possibly a few key points on your project via e-mail: info@bitfarm-archiv.com

On the arranged date, please contact us via telephone under +49 (0) 271 / 313 96 - 0 (alternatively: Skype contact "bitfarm-Archiv") and launch the presentation client:

TeamViewer herunterladen

How it works

After launching the programme please enter your partner ID, which you received from us, and your name and click "participate". Then please enter your password, which you have been given via telephone. The session will start automatically.

Multiple people can also participate - even from different locations. If more than one person booked the appointment, we recommend checking image and audio transmission prior to the session.

This desktop sharing via TeamViewer usually works in 95% of all cases. But sometimes the help of an EDP staff member is required, e.g. when a proxy server is used. A test of the online session can be done at any time. Just give us a call.