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Installation & Configuration

The installation of bitfarm-Archiv document management on servers and clients is based on the jointly defined requirements and features and/or those fixed in a requirement specification. The server installation should be carried out by a bitfarm-Archiv consultant to be able to guarantee the system functions and security later on. The customer can participate in the client installation and all further activities or carry them out himself. For larger projects, installer packages for the usual software distribution mechanisms are available. A pure viewer place is configuration-free. All you have to do is create a link on the desktop or enter a browser favorite.


The next step is the configuration and adaptation of the system to the respective requirements. During a test run, the project managers and administrators can familiarise themselves with the configuration and introduce any change requests.

Test phase and productive operation

In order to ensure a smooth transition, a self-sufficient training and test system is often set up afterwards, which initially runs parallel to day-to-day business. This enables any difficulties in practical application to be identified and eliminated. With the live connection, productive operation begins and the project is completed for the time being. After the users have worked with the DMS for a while, further project sections can follow at any time.

With the introduction of workflow management, for example, many companies are waiting for their employees to safely use filing and indexing as well as searching and editing documents in the DMS. This prevents users from being overwhelmed with too many new functions.

Help & Support - The bitfarm-Support

In case problems should occur during operation, or if you have any questions or configuration requests, our software support is at your disposal. With the help of modern remote maintenance software, our employees can respond quickly to your questions and implement configuration requests. In addition to prompt help with urgent issues, this type of support also has the advantage of avoiding unnecessary travel costs. Of course, we can also provide you with an employee on site on request.

Enterprise SLAs

We offer special Service Level Agreements for use in medium-sized companies and in the Group environment, which individually define support conditions and, for example, ensure support beyond normal office hours.

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The best preconditions

For a fast and uncomplicated installation of your DMS as well as a reliable operation without major failures, some basic conditions should - if possible - be created. bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is a software product that contains many open source and some closed source components to realize a professional document management. These programs are matched to each other, but can sometimes react sensitively to disturbances in the system environment.

Therefore, it is recommended to provide a dedicated server for the DMS software on which nothing else is installed besides the operating system at the time of installation. Thus, the duration of the installation work can be reduced to a minimum and at the same time the stability of the software can be maximized.

Just as important for a flawless operation of the DMS and above all for data security are the usual backups in the server area. These include redundant construction and function groups, UPSs for safe shutdown in case of power failures, RAID data mirroring and finally structured data backup on external media that are stored in a safe place outside the company. We also recommend the use of VMs, as they provide better scalability and enable a hardware-independent restore in the event of a failure.