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Philosophy - success with Open Source

Easy operability and automation of standard tasks

The Open Source DMS bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is a typical Windows application for the user and easy to handle. The clear layout of the interface, which follows the design of the Explorer or Outlook, and the clear structure of the storage space, search fields, list of results and document depiction makes its application easy to grasp even for "non-EDP-experts" after a short introduction. Underneath the "bonnet" bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is not as simple: the mostly automatic processes relieve users from standard tasks.

Reliable and economic Open Source technology

Whoever trusts an electronic Document Management System with documents and receipts expects security and reliability. bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is based on renowned software components, which have been used in companies and institutions for many years. For instance, bitfarm-Archiv uses the MySQL database, which has now been certified by SAP, for information storage. How reliable Open Source technology is, has been shown by Linux, which became famous through this. With bitfarm-Archiv Document Management, the use of Open Source technology not only guarantees functionality and reliability but also low total cost due to dispensing with licence fees.

Remaining industry independent but offering the required tools for even highly specialised demands - this is and has been one of the most important goals during development. Thus, bitfarm-Archiv Document Management can present functions today, which formally could only be depicted with expensive special software. If something does not work yet the function can easily be programmed and added via the open plugin interfaces without having to change the entire system.

Removing media barriers

Thinking the DMS idea further, one would like to quickly integrate Office documents, e-mails, faxes, sketches and lastly files of any kind into the system. The step, logically, continues to ECM and from there to the integration of neighbouring fields such as CRM, e-procurement, supply chain management etc. This media independent platform is already being offered by bitfarm-Archiv Document Management with many functions such as version control, check in/check out, export & synchronisation etc.

Software integration with existing systems

A high integration competence into this concert of existing programmes in a company such as ERP, PPC, inventory control, mail system and Office is also given due to the likewise high flexibility and open architecture. For Enterprise customers ready interfaces are available for all common operational software systems.

Advantages of Open Source

Open Source software is being used in more and more companies. Having been treated warily in the beginnings, today, the Open Source concept has proven itself as a modern form of software development. The pool of freely accessible software increased greatly over the past ten years - not only in quantity but also in quality, as many examples have shown.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management builds upon this software pool. In many cases, the DMS' developers have the advantage here of not having to reinvent the wheel. Thus, first of all, Open Source development gives the bitfarm GmbH an economic advantage. Since no licence fees can be demanded for software based on Open Source developments, the customer also benefits from the low price and simultaneously has the guarantee that no licence fees will be demanded for future versions and updates.

In respects to future-safety, Open Source software cannot be beaten. Further development, alterations or the realisation of special demands are possible without depending on an individual provider. Thanks to multiple interfaces and lately thanks to source code the possibilities of adaptation are unlimited – different than with proprietary software. The same laws apply for Open Source software and every other software in respects to warranty and liability.

Satisfied customers

In all our efforts and development policies our highest priority is to satisfy our customers. There is no "quick profit" to be made in licence fee free software, but rather a long-term positive and cooperative partnership with the customer. Apart from a good product this can only be achieved through excellent support. We at bitfarm know this: every Enterprise customer has direct and fast access to our entire developer's know-how. Competent and goal-oriented support staff is at your service (without prior lead time) for consultation, configuration or problem solving.


The result is an efficient, well integrated and functional software solution for a comparatively low price - after all, the DMS is supposed to save money and not waste it. It is supposed to be intuitive and easy to use, so that users like working with the software and perceive it as a real relief. Because only when the employees are made part of the solution can electronic Document Management be successfully introduced into a company.