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Delegatable administration in bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6


Depending on the size of a company, setting up and continuously maintaining complex DMS structures can be time-consuming and personnel-intensive. Especially for medium-sized companies with several hundred users and dozens of departments this can be a challenge for a central administration. bitfarm-Archiv DMS has therefore introduced the delegatable administration with version 3.6.

For the first time this is also possible for partial areas. The central administration can thus, for example, grant department heads the authorization to independently configure their area of responsibility in order to optimally adapt structures such as storage locations, archives, attribute fields and access options to the requirements of their area.

As a further innovation, administration protocols (Adminlogs) have been introduced to complement the proven document usage protocols. Due to the complete traceability of the administrator actions, bitfarm-Archiv DMS meets the highest standards of modern IT systems for medium-sized businesses.

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