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The Open Source concept

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is an Open Source DMS with many functions. For all versions, patches, updates and upgrades there are no license fees - even not for the Enterprise-Version. There are no expensive module or volume licensing. Interestingly, even the service and support costs are often significantly below what competitors offer for the same request catalogs.

This pricing is only possible by the massive use of free software. Many functions have not to be extra programmed. The customers can benefit because of no license fees for the software and the savings on development costs. The open source concept has now arrived on a broad front in the economy as a modern form of software development.

Today, costs are certainly an important issue. But, if the focus is on a company-wide DMS/ECM Solution, the question of the concepts, the usability and functions are in the foreground. Decision makers ask the questions: Is the solution to us? What do typical processes from the user perspective, which user convenience can be offered? What is the required training? Is the solution also fit for future and increasing demands?

Why bitfarm-Archiv Document Management?

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is a DMS- and ECM solution, which meets the highest demands. The software offers an unique combination of proven concepts and innovative ideas.

The reason why always more well-known companies choose for Open Source DMS cannot be explained with a simple marketing-formula. Often called is the user interface, which is geared towards maximum user convenience and fast working with documents. Training time is minimal. In addition, the techniques used on the server side and the perfect integration into the existing IT infrastructure. In addition the complete range of functions, which is usually found only in high-priced enterprise-class systems on the market. The system well represents simple requirements without being overloaded: Almost all functions can be disabled and disappear, often even automatically depending on the user rights. Nevertheless it is always good to know that even the most demanding DMS / ECM scenarios can be configured and the software is able to grow. And this can be realized without purchasing expensive modules.

  • user friendliness, multi-award winning operating concept
  • relief of the employees because of extensive automation options
  • minimal training required, because of an intuitive operation of a typical Windows application
  • future safe because Open Source and the use of generally accepted standards for document storage
  • audit-proof - bitfarm-Archiv DMS meets all requirements of the GDPdU, GoBS and AO
  • thanks to modern database concepts, very fast search functions - even with many million documents
  • best text recognition rate under the document management systems because of the integration of the market leader Omnipage®
  • maximum flexibility and adaptability to new requirements because of the bitfarm-Archiv toolbox and scripting options
  • extensive integration capabilities into the enterprise IT and business applications
  • low resource consumption, use of standard hardware
  • storage of corporate documents on your own server and not somewhere in the cloud
  • stability and security because of long-proven Open Source components
  • no need to buy expensive modules - all functions in one package
  • no license fees - clearly installation and support costs
  • good scalability at low costs
  • quick return on investment - maximum business efficiency

Professional support

With all features speaking for or against a product, one thing should not be forgotten - especially with Open Source software: since there are no licence fees and profits can only be made through services, long-term positive customer relationships are necessary. There is no "quick profit" in Open Source. Thus, apart from the product features and especially with a topic as broad as Document Management, this is important: help & support.

Fast response time, solution-oriented software support and satisfied customers

bitfarm Informationssysteme GmbH and their partners offer a competent, on-call, fast and solution-oriented software support. Satisfied customers will happily confirm this - please inquire and compare!