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With a modern, electronic Document Management System or Enterprise Content Management System one can comprehensibly realise a reduction in costs through the simple filing, space saving, process optimisation and especially the dramatically accelerated access to documents and information in almost any industry of any size.

At first, bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is pursuing a sector-independent approach, since many document processes and filing methods exist in similar form in all businesses and institutions. In cases where it gets special and sector-oriented, the bitfarm-System can easily be enhanced with special functionalities with the help of release-proof plugins.

The experiences, which bitfarm has made in many projects, have often already been applied in special plugin solutions that are available to all current and future clients. On this site you can see in which industries bitfarm-Archiv DMS has been put into use successfully. A reference extract and project reports are given. You cannot find your industry sector listed? Please contact us, so we might talk about your specific requirements and find solutions.

List of reference