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Digital archiving

Advantages of digital archiving of documents

In comparison to classical filing, electronical archiving offers a couple of advantages. The early capture of documents prevents loss and accelerates proceedings.There are no distribution copies needed anymore, for all authorized employees are able to access the document database at any time. While there is no need to store loads of files any longer, there is more space to use however you like.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers these advantages and moreover provides a powerful search function, which browses millions of documents in seconds. Furthermore the system ensures the relief of employees if it comes to capturing documents. The process can be executed automatized most widely which minimizes the need of manual tagging. This increases motivation and productivity of your employees.

Regale mit archivierten Akten

Mass processing of documents

bitfarm-Archiv allows mass processing of documents as well. The system recognizes the borders of a document by means of barcodes, which are placed on the first page of the respective document. The subsequent dividing, sorting and tagging is accomplished fully automatically. This facilitates the reliable and efficient archiving of extensive files with single documents of different classes.

Additionally both ERP and inventory control systems benefit from the DMS. Information on all recently entered documents, such as the respective barcodes, metadata, tags or doclinks are exported in standard formats. The viewer of bitfarm-Archiv provides an interface, which can be actuated from within the ERP system in order to show particular documents or entire case files. Thus the flow of information and the cooperation between the DMS and the ERP sytem is guaranteed. Due to its flexibility bitfarm-Archiv can easily be integrated into an ERP system as a leading application.

Document capture at the touch of a button

The bitfarm-Archiv DMS ideally captures and classifies documents at the touch of a button by means of workstation- or network scanners. High-performance OCR and barcode components record all document information and store them in the database. The Indexation takes place due to server rules the administrator laid down.

Audit-proof digital archiving

bitfarm-Archiv meets all legally defined requirements on audit-proof archiving in line with the GoBD. For this purpose a soft-WORM procedure is used, which stores all documents on an ordinary hard disk adequately secured from deletion. The procedure is documented and recognized by the tax authorities. The cost-intensive acquisition of a hard-WORM or UDO system is not necessary with bitfarm-Archiv, though useable if special industry regulations demand it.

The main advantage of audit-proof archiving is that the original documents need not necessarily be kept - the digital copy is sufficient for presentation in cases such as an annual audit. Apart from that the DMS can fullfil the legal stipulations for data transfer since bitfarm-Archiv can purposefully create exports, which might be handed over on CD or USB stick. Certainly the exports contain the documents of the audit period solely.

e-mail archiving

As part of business correspondance e-mails are subject to legally archiving regulations as well. Neither the permanent storage within an e-mail server or program does meet the legal requirements nor printing and filing them does.

bitfarm-Archiv offers solutions for most e-mail servers and programs and archives complete e-mails with attachments fully automatically or initiated by the user. This relieves the e-mail system and enables the establishement of a joint database for all entitled employees. As any other document, e-mails can be classified and associated to different contexts. They can also be displayed at different areas of the archive at the same time.

„The quality of work has improved enormously and the annoyance at not finding a document immediately is history. A well-rounded solution, this bitfarm-Archiv."

René Bähr, Wäscherei Spremberg