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Digital archiving

Digital archiving and document capture has many advantages

Digital archiving and capture has a couple of advantages compared with classic filing. Fewer documents are lost, distribution copies disappear, information use is more transparent, but above all the lower space requirement and the rapid access to document at any time have to be named.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers all of these advantages and applies them in a way that digital archiving in the company really relieves the employees. Furthermore, bitfarm-Archiv offers a mostly automated capturing process to reduce necessary manual tagging to a minimum. This makes keeping control of the information and document flood more efficient.

Document capture with a single press of a button

The bitfarm-Archiv DMS ideally captures documents with a single press of a button on the work station and network scanners. Fully automatic indexing takes place on the server; highly efficient OCR and barcode components recognise all document ­information and stores them in the database.

The server rules of bitfarm-Archiv Document Management, which can be set by the administrator, are a powerful tool for sorting documents according to a specific property. With the bitfarm-Archiv Document Management viewer access for any authorised user takes place in a matter of seconds – even with archives with a couple of million documents.

"Besonders profitieren wir von den schnellen Suchfunktionen in der Dokumentendatenbank, wodurch der Zugriff auf Dokumente im Bedarfsfall massiv beschleunigt wird.“

Kai Rasch, BRB-Lagertechnik

Mass-processing of documents

Mass-processing of documents is also possible. In this case, barcodes are used, which are placed on the first page of a document. This allows the system to recognise the beginning and ending of the documents and implement dividing, sorting and tagging fully automatically. Automatic scanning of large batches of documents with different items to be scanned can be realised this way - if an appropriate Document Scanner is given. The allocation, sorting, tagging and even the distribution to the employees is automatically done by the Document Management System.

ERP and inventory control system both profit from the DMS server: information on all freshly entered documents, e.g. the corresponding barcode, tags, storage location of the TIFF-file or Doclink in the archive viewer is always exported as a text file. This makes an unproblematic cooperation possible. The client bitfarm-Archiv viewer can be remotely controlled, which makes it easy to realise integration into leading ERP systems.

Audit-proof digital archiving

bitfarm-Archiv fulfils the requirements for audit-proof archiving according to GDPdU. A soft-WORM procedure is used, which stores all documents on a normal hard disk adequately secured from deletion. The procedure is documented and is recognised by the tax authorities. The cost-intensive acquisition of a hard-WORM or UDO system is not necessary with bitfarm-Archiv. But the use of these systems is possible, if special industry regulations demand this.

The main advantage of audit-proof archiving is that documents need not necessarily be kept in the original anymore - the digital copy is sufficient for presentation in cases such as an annual audit. Apart from that the DMS can fulfil the legal stipulations for data transfer since bitfarm-Archiv can purposefully create exports, which can then be handed over on CD or USB stick. The exports naturally only contain the documents of the audit period.

e-mail archiving

e-mails also count as business correspondence and have to be archived by most companies for a certain period - usually 10 years - and be presented on demand. Classic e-mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange or clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and others are not really suitable for archiving and keep the user waiting longer, the more e-mails are stored. bitfarm-Archiv offers a solution for this and archives e-mails complete with attachments fully automatically or initiated by the user - depending on the requirements. Relieving the e-mail systems is not the only advantage, on demand synergy effects based on common and quickly searchable knowledge basis is another. e-mails can also be linked and displayed in relation to a process or project, just like other documents as well.

Information and presentation

Further information and on-site presentation with examples from practice or online presentation: send an e-mail to info@bitfarm-archiv.com or phone +49(0)271/31396-0.

„The quality of labour has improved immensely and the bother of not immediately finding a document is passé. A sweet deal, this bitfarm-Archiv."

René Bähr, Wäscherei Spremberg, he was even so nice as to produce a small YouTube video on the application of bitfarm-Archiv in his company. Thank you for that!)