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document archiving system

Digital archiving of documents

Advantages of digital document archiving

Compared to classical document handling, digital archiving offers a number of advantages. Early capture prevents the loss of documents and shortens process times. Distribution copies are no longer necessary, as all authorized employees have access to the documents in the database at all times. The elimination of folder storage for most documents reduces space requirements - filing cabinets become office space.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers all these benefits and also has a powerful search function that allows you to search archives with several million documents within seconds.

At the same time, it relieves the strain on employees during document capture, as this is largely automated and manual indexing can be reduced to a minimum. This increases the motivation and productivity of your employees.

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Mass processing of documents

bitfarm-Archiv also enables the mass processing of documents. Using barcodes placed on the first page of each document, the system recognizes the boundaries of the documents and automatically separates, sorts and indexes them. This means that even extensive files with individual documents of different categories can be archived securely and efficiently.

In addition, ERP and merchandise management systems benefit from the DMS. Information about all newly added documents, such as the respective barcode, metadata and hyperlink to the document are exported in standard formats. The bitfarm-Archiv Viewer also has an interface that can be operated from the ERP system to display individual documents or entire transaction files. This ensures the flow of information and optimum cooperation between DMS, ERP and merchandise management systems. Due to its high adaptability, the bitfarm-Archiv DMS can also be easily integrated into an ERP or merchandise management system as a leading application.

Document capture at the touch of a button

Unser Open-Source-DMS er­fasst und klassi­fiziert Doku­mente im Ideal­fall mit nur einem Knopf­druck von Arbeits­platz- und Netz­werk­scannern aus. Leis­tungs­starke OCR- und Bar­code­kompo­nenten ana­lysie­ren alle Doku­menten­infor­matio­nen und speichern sie in der Daten­bank. Die In­de­xie­rung er­folgt da­bei nach Server­re­geln, die vom Admi­nistra­tor fest­ge­legt wer­den.

Audit-proof archiving

Our DMS software enables revision-proof archiving according to GoBD. A Soft-WORM procedure is used for this purpose, which stores all documents on regular hard disks sufficiently protected against deletion. The procedure is documented and recognized by the tax authorities. The cost-intensive acquisition of a Hard-WORM, DVD/Blue-Ray or UDO system is not necessary with the use of bitfarm-Archiv but quite possible, if for instance special industry regulations provide this.

The main advantage of audit-proof archiving is that documents no longer have to be kept in the original, the digital copy is sufficient in most cases. In addition, with the help of the DMS, the legally prescribed transfer of data carriers can be realized, for example, within the scope of a tax audit. For this purpose, targeted exports can be created in the system and released stored on a data carrier. Of course, the exports only contain the documents of the audit period.

E-mail Archiving

E-mails have become an indispensable part of everyday business life. Since 2011, invoices in PDF format can also be delivered as e-mail attachments and have the same tax status as postal items. As a business letter, e-mail is subject to the same retention obligation as a paper document. Permanent storage in an e-mail server or e-mail program does not meet the legal requirements for proper e-mail archiving, nor does the frequently used printing and filing of messages.

bitfarm-Archiv DMS offers solutions for most e-mail systems and archives e-mails with all attachments either fully automatically or triggered by the user. This relieves the email inboxes and enables the creation of a common and quickly searchable database for all authorized employees. Like all documents, e-mails can be assigned to different contexts and thus displayed simultaneously at different points in the archive. In addition, the legally required revision security and unchanged archiving are guaranteed.

„The quality of work has improved enormously and the annoyance of not finding a document immediately is history. A well-rounded solution, this bitfarm-Archiv."

René Bähr, Wäscherei Spremberg