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Creative solutions with bitfarm-Archiv Document Management

Electronic Document Management offers the chance of effectively reducing costs, increasing quality and improving employee motivation with the help of modern information technology in many industries and companies of all sizes. This is especially due to considerably faster access to documents and information, but also thanks to the other advantages of a DMS: reduced space requirements, less lost documents, lower transport and lay periods, higher transparency of information use etc.

The investment in bitfarm-Archiv Document Management as an Open Source solution pays off very quickly, since the initial investment is also on a comparatively low level. The consequences of a bad investment are also lower with Open Source software, since one need not invest thousands or hundreds of thousands of Euros in licences. Projects with bitfarm-Archiv DMS stay calculable in all phases and success is quickly verifiable.

Unusual requirements can also be met with the bitfarm-Archiv DMS. Thanks to the Open Source basis and a number of interfaces and configuration options the flexible adaptability is one of the outstanding properties of bitfarm-Archiv DMS.

You don't need it? In many cases the basic DMS functions are the ones, which are mainly used. Nevertheless, who knows now what requirements might have to be met by companies – and thus, by document and information processes – in the future? How fortunate to have a business software that can react appropriately and offer a solution. How unfortunate to have invested in software, which proves to be inflexible and turns out to be a one-way street. A new system needs to be bought and valuable user and consultant know-how in the company has to be built up again.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is often used for tasks that are not necessarily part of a standard DMS. In all project examples the implementation and setup of these special functions was done within a couple of hours. Thus, the costs also remained within a calculable range.

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"The costs were not our primary concern for our decision for a Document Management System. More important was to have a well-engineered and user-friendly solution that satisfied our requirements and offered the potential to fulfil future demands. After comparing a number of products we decided to go for bitfarm-Archiv Document Management, which interestingly was also one of the most inexpensive solutions on the market." (Stefan Weiss, J+G Refactories)

"We could have wasted more time trying to find a comparative solution. The cooperation with the bitfarm team is positive for all of us." (Kai Rasch, BRB-Lagertechnik)