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Consulting & Planning

The introduction of a Document Management System in a company firstly means exactly analysing existing document and information processes – after all, the DMS is supposed to adapt to the existing processes and integrate itself, not the opposite.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management scales with the posed challenges. It can first be introduced with only few automated processes and few installed work places and later be expanded as desired – according to the client's needs and wishes.

An introduction in multiple steps is suitable to gather experience and avoid mistakes. But the Document Management System's true strength and potential comes to bear the more documents and the more users the system really includes. This is best done by automatically archiving any documents and receipts whenever they occur or arrive during processing. Then every employee immediately knows where to find which piece of information.

Finding the right strategy

To find the best way and the right strategy for each company, aspects around the topic "Document Management in a company" are worked out in a workshop. A consultant with several years of DMS project experience is available to the bitfarm-Archiv team, for this purpose, to pose key questions and find the corresponding answers collectively.

Various possibilities

Different ways and strategies lead to success with bitfarm-Archiv DMS. While some projects are entirely managed by bitfarm consultants - from planning, via installation, optimisation, to training and introductory escort-, other projects are managed by the client. The tasks of external consultants are reduced to a minimum. The latter can be an advantage, since it saves expenses on the one hand and allows for better "fine tuning" during introduction and better acceptance since internal employees are involved that know processes better than any consultant can manage in a few days. The danger of this procedure lies therein, that - with insufficient background knowledge in regards to the DMS' concepts and data structures - awkward application scenarios are developed and functions are alienated, which leads to discontent from the side of the users. Some misinterpretations of the concepts can also lead to misconfigurations, which are noticeable only after a while, e.g. through poor search performance, and which are then difficult or expensive to repair.

The happy medium

The optimum division of labour in a DMS introduction lies in the happy medium of DMS- and project-know-how of an external bitfarm-Archiv consultant and the process-know-how, as well as the comprehensive knowledge of the individual business processes and the higher acceptance among the employees of an internal project manager.

Optimising document processes

An important topic in DMS-Planning is the optimisation of document processes. This is supposed to lead to easy processing of documents – from compilation via individual process steps up to the final storage in the archive.

Users are not only supposed to have a tool for fast and easy access to information with the DMS, they are also supposed to be optimally supported in their work with documents. bitfarm-Archiv offers many possibilities to automate recurring tasks and document processes, so that working with the digital archive is no excess work compared to conventional work with documents. This way, manual sorting and tagging of documents during capture can be completely avoided, in the best case. The distribution of job assignments can also be automated with the help of previously issued workflow configurations. The reduction of manual processes to a minimum helps avoiding excess work of users and contributes to the success of a DMS-Solution in the company.