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The right strategy to implement a DMS with a consultant

The first step in the introduction of a document management system in a company is a differentiated analysis of the existing document and information processes with a competent DMS consultant from our house. After all, the document management system should adapt to the established processes and not vice versa.

The specific requirements for bitfarm-Archiv DMS in your company might be determined during a single or group workshop. For this purpose, a consultant of the bitfarm team who usually has many years of industry-related DMS project experience, is at your disposal in order to find the best solutions. Thus he can ask the decisive questions and work out answers and solutions in close cooperation with you.

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step by step

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management scales with the specific requirements. It can initially be implemented with only a few automated processes and a few installed workstations and later be expanded as desired - depending on the customer's requirements and his business. An introduction in several steps is well suited to gain experience and avoid mistakes.

However, a DMS unfolds its full potential as the number of contained documents and users increases. The best way to get started is to automatically archive documents and receipts where they originate or arrive from the very beginning. This ensures that every employee has access to the information he needs at all times.

Optimisation of document processes

An important aspect of DMS planning is the optimisation of document processes. The aim is to make the entire processing of documents as simple as possible, from the capture via the individual processing stages to the final dormant archive filing.

The DMS should guarantee a fast information access and support the users optimally while working with documents. In order to avoid additional work caused by the digital archive, bitfarm-Archiv offers many possibilities to automate recurring tasks and document processes.

Thus, the manual sorting and indexing of documents can be completely avoided in many cases. The assignment of work tasks can also be performed automatically with the help of created workflow configurations . The reduction of manual processes to a minimum, prevents increased workload and thus contributes to the success of a DMS solution in the company.

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Various possibilities

When introducing the bitfarm-Archiv DMS, different paths and strategies can be targeted. While some projects are completely carried out by bitfarm-Archiv consultants, from planning to installation, adaptation, training and implementation support, there are also projects in which many work steps are carried out by the customer or his employees themselves.

The latter can be advantageous in that it saves costs and may allow better fine-tuning of the system. In addition, this approach can lead to a higher acceptance of the software by the employees, because they are actively involved in the configuration process and know the internal company processes in more detail than any external consultant.

However, there is also the danger that a lack of background knowledge about the working methods and data structures of the DMS could lead to the development of unfavorable application scenarios and the improper use of functions.

Misinterpretations of the concepts can also lead to faulty configurations, which only become noticeable after a time delay, for example due to poor search performance. At this point, they are often difficult to fix, i.e. require considerable effort.

The golden mean

As is so often the case, a middle course has proved to be the best approach to successfully implement a system in your company. Our DMS consultants works closely with your in-house project managers to ensure that you get exactly the system you need.

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