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bitfarm-Archiv GPL Server

Version 3.5.0
Windows 8.1 - 11, Windows Server 2008 - 2022
For new installations (includes a full client)
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bitfarm-Archiv GPL Client

Version 3.5.0
Windows 8.1 - 11, Windows Server 2008 - 2022
For installation of additional clients
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Download & Support

GPL Version

about 264 MB, tested with Windows 7,8,10 and Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022. For new installations or updating version 3.4.2 - 3.4.5. Includes a full client.

about 9 MB, tested with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022. Latest version for installation of additional clients

Optional Downloads

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How to install bitfarm-Archiv DMS

To install the GPL version, please read our guidelines and instructions first. Then Download and launch the GPL server. We recommend to use a freshly installed operating system. If you run into problems, please consult the support forum.

Are you using an older version of bitfarm-Archiv GPL? Download and install the server package to update your existing installation. (Warning! Please use this update ONLY for the GPL version! If you’re an enterprise customer update packages are available inside your user account or from our support team).

Installation of the Enterprise-Version is considerably more extensive and sophisticated. A click and install package does not exist, all necessary components are included in a DMS-project with detailed documentation. In addition, IT staff receives all important instructions and configuration examples. We offer optional user trainings, as well as a complete project planning, including collection of requirements, workshops for developing optimal processes, implementation of production system, customer care and support.

Business Support

bitfarm offers a fast and easy way of remote maintenance for our enterprise customers. An Internet connection and Teamviewer Quicksupport is sufficient.

After launching Teamviewer, simply share your ID and you're ready to receive our first class support. Teamviewer can be tested at any time. Just give us a call.

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Free support for the GPL version is available at

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GPL license

Both the GPL and Enterprise version of bitfarm-Archiv DMS are released under GPLv2: no license fees are charged and you have access to the source code. The GPL version is free for personal and commercial use. Please inform yourself which conditions are attached to this license.

Satisfied users

The GPL version is free software. It does not contain any restrictions and may be used free of charge for private and business purposes. And bitfarm will make sure that we continue to give away our DMS for free in the future. If our software has proven useful to you our main goal is achieved.

We're not asking for anything in return. If you would still like to honour our hard work, please recommend our software!

This can be done by a blog or forum post or a review on a website. Share bitfarm-Archiv on your Social Media! This will help our project and support its distribution, which will lead to more users and resources - and thus economically strengthen the further development of bitfarm DMS. This will not only benefit the developers, but eventually all users of bitfarm-Archiv.

Alternatively, we would be happy about a rating on Google! This only takes a few seconds and helps other users to make a decision.Continue to our Google Rating.

Do you write code for bitfarm-Archiv? We would be happy if you make your contribution available to the public. Post it on Sourceforge or contact us directly.