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bitfarm-Archiv GPL Server

Version 3.4.5
Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
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bitfarm-Archiv GPL Client

Version 3.4.5
Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
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Downloads & Support

GPL Software

about 170 MB, GPL Server, Version 3.4.5 for Windows (tested with: Windows 7 & 8 & 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016) - up to date version, for setting up a new installation of the DMS and also for updating from the older version 3.4.2 - 3.4.4. A full client will be installed on the same machine, too.

about 5 MB, GPL Client, Version 3.4.5 for Windows (tested with: Windows 7 & 8 & 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016) - up to date Version of the client for installation of additional client-PCs in the network.

Further Downloads

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How to install bitfarm-Archiv DMS

To install the GPL version, please read the PDF with up-to-date references with current instructions download the GPL server (above) and run the software. The setup program guides you through the installation and asks you for all essential parameters.We recommend to use a freshly installed operating system for the installation. For installation problems, please consult the support forum.

The installation of the Enterprise-Version, designed for enterprise use is considerably more extensive, as more configuration options and functions are available. An installation package cannot be downloaded for this purpose, but is included in a DMS-project with detailed documentation. In addition, IT employees receive detailed instructions and configuration examples. User trainings are optionally possible, as well as the complete project planning from the collection of the requirements, development of optimal concepts in common Workshop over the mechanism and configuration up to training, productive start-up, user support and support.

Enterprise Version Support

In certain cases, it may be useful if a question or problem can be shown directly to our support staff "on the living object". The software support of bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers a fast and easy way of remote maintenance for the enterprise version of the DMS. A Windows PC with Internet connection and the program Teamviewer Quicksupport is sufficient.

After starting the program, tell us your ID and the displayed password. The session starts automatically. Desktop sharing works in 95% of all cases immediately without problems, but sometimes the help of an IT employee is indispensable, for example if a proxy server is used. The online session can be tested at any time. Just give us a call.

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Free support for the GPL version is available at

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GPL license

Both the GPL and the Enterprise version of the bitfarm-Archiv DMS are under GPLv2, which means that no license fees are charged and you have access to the source code. The GPL version is also available for free download. Please also inform yourself which conditions this license form attaches to it.

Are you satisfied?

The GPL version is free software. It does not contain any restrictions and may be used for private as well as business purposes free of charge. bitfarm will make sure that it stays that way in the future. If you use the software and the DMS does a good job for you, then we are pleased.

You are in no way obliged to do anything for bitfarm in return. If you would still like to reward our performance, then please recommend us!

This could be done, for example, through a blog, an post in a forum or a short report on a website, possibly with a hyperlink to our website http://www.bitfarm-archiv.com. This will help the software to have a larger presence on the net and support its distribution, which will lead to more users and resources - and thus put the further development of the DMS on an economically stable footing. This not only benefits the developers, but ultimately all users.

f you develop code for the DMS yourself, then we would be pleased if you make this code accessible to the general public. Post this in the forum on Sourceforge or send us the code and we will be happy to integrate it after checking it.