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DMS Training: Free Guides & Professional Workshops

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The essentials in brief

DMS-Training: Free Ressources

1. Document Management Glossary

The first resource on our website includes a wide-ranging glossary on document management. If you are new to this topic, we recommend you take a look to learn the most important terms. There, we have used short definitions and application examples to provide an easy and quick introduction to the topic.

We have listed about 80 terms that we think are essential. Many of the terms will be taken up again in the later implementation of a software, so it is worth taking a look at them.

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DMS training

2. Website Articles

In the next step, we recommend taking a look at our articles. We generally distinguish between two types. On the one hand, we have blog articles in the category "...did you know?", which are updated at regular intervals. In these we often go into useful tips that are directly or indirectly related to our document management software bitfarm-Archiv.

Some of the just mentioned blog articles include advanced tips, so we recommend our standard articles as a first step. These can also be divided into two categories: On the one hand, beginners' guides to our software can be read, and on the other hand, useful articles on the general topic of document management.

The former items can be accessed via the "Software" menu (and submenus) and the latter via the "Document Management" item.

3. Videos

For a more comprehensive introduction, we recommend our YouTube series in the next step, where we present both the basics and advanced use cases with our software. The videos build up chronologically, but can of course also be watched selectively if you are interested in a specific topic. The structure is as follows:

  • Basics I: Document research
  • Basics II: Working with documents
  • Basics III: Document import
  • Further functions I: Workflows
  • Further functions II
  • Further functions III
  • Additional Functions IV
  • Advanced Functions V: Integration & Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Functions VI: Document Lifecycle
  • Version 3.6 from the user's point of view

The videos are therefore very helpful, as they can give a very good practical insight into the subject. They were recorded in German, but can also be watched with activated English subtitles without any problems. Below we have directly linked the first basic video for you.

EDMS Training & Consulting

You have studied our online resources or are already familiar with the topic and want to have a personal conversation with our project team? We are looking forward to your non-binding request and will be happy to help you with the implementation or EDMS trainings. 

We will answer all your questions in a 1-2 hour free live presentation. Our team brings with them many years of expertise from a wide range of industries, from industry to healthcare and public institutions. 

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