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New with bitfarm-Archiv Version 3.6 – Symbolic Links

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In the past, the tree structure of the bitfarm-Archiv DMS did not allow a document to be visible at different places in the archive without being captured several times. In business practice, however, it is often necessary to make invoices accessible to different departments, such as accounting and purchasing. In addition, they should possibly also be available in corresponding project archives.

For the first time, the new bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6 enables the creation of one or more symbolic links of the document, which can then be stored at different locations in the archive. A new capture of the document is no longer necessary. A symbolic link is not simply a copy of the original document, but represents it by means of a reference in another archive. The document itself therefore only exists once in the entire DMS, but can be found through symbolic links in different archives, i.e. contexts.

The basic characteristics like electronic notes, discussions and protocols of the document use are also identical in all storage locations. Only the context-dependent properties, such as additional and status fields, as well as the authorizations, are archive-dependent. With the help of the symbolic links, the time-consuming multiple capturing of a document is no longer necessary. At the same time, they save storage space that would otherwise be occupied by document copies.

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