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New with bitfarm-Archiv Version 3.6 – Symbolic Links

In the past, the tree structure of bitfarm-Archiv DMS did not allow documents to be visible at different locations in the system without having to archive them repeatedly. Business practice, however, shows that it is often necessary to make documents – like invoices, for instance – available to different departments, e.g. such as procurement and accounting. Moreover, under certain circumstances, they should also be available in corresponding project archives.

Following this idea, bitfarm-Archiv 3.6 enables users to create one or more symbolic links to documents which can be put at various places of the system. Thus, repeating the archiving process for these documents is not necessary anymore.

Having said that, symbolic links are not merely a copy of the original document. In fact, a symbolic link represents the document by referring to it from another location, which means that the document itself only exists once in the DMS, but can be searched and found in different archives and in different contexts. Basic characteristics and properties of the document like digital notes, discussion and history are identical at every location; only context-dependent attributes such as additional fields and status buttons, as well as authorizations, are bound to the archives.

Collectively, the advantages of using symbolic links are as follows:

  • Archiving documents repeatedly is not necessary anymore.
  • Disk space is conserved, which would otherwise be occupied by document copies.

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