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bitfarm-Archiv Document-Management - Features & Funktionality


  • Audit-proof archiving of paper and ERP documents - automatically archiving documents of all Windows- Linux- and AS-400 based ERP-systems, inter alia SAP® interface.
  • Generating of self-supporting archives, for example for the tax adviser for the transfer of project documentations to a customer, for a fast document access for external employees without internet access, or to meet the access right of the tax authorities.
  • Database fields, status, categories, etc. are flexible definable and thus form an individually adapted to the company / institution needs, storage structure. Different field types and search methods for each archive / storage location configurable.
  • Automatic archiving of other sources of documents trough watched folders, auto-archive printer driver, or server-based email archiving.
  • Links create digital files, such as order files, project files, customer files, etc. This can also be done automatically.
  • Automatic sorting and indexing via masks, regular expressions, etc. Thus for example bulk recording of heterogeneous documents as batch scans with automatic detection and sorting of each document is possible. Document capture with "one click". Automatic form regognition.


  • Full text recognition and complete searchability of all supported document formats. Use of the world´s leading Omnipage®-OCR. In addition barcode recognition, also 2D-barcodes.
  • Fast search with search times below 1 second even with millions of documents (including the full text search).
  • Free combination of all defined search fields with full-text, tags, user, date, workflow status, other metadata. Comfortable graphic search-highlighting, just one keypress to the next hit.


  • Working together on Office-documents, CAD drawings, etc. Release and publication in accordance Quality Management Manual (DIN EN 9001 ff.) is possible. Automatic meet of compliance requirements.
  • Intelligent escalation mechanisms, for example when exceeding processing times, incorrectly identified documents, etc.
  • Extensive and highly customizable workflow functions forms document processes across all industries. Holiday and Sickness representative control, workflow groups, delegated tasks with temporarily inherited permissions. Controlling function for supervisors. Reporting via Excel possible at anytime.


  • Complete unchangeable document history of all activities on any document, even reading a document can be logged.
  • Automatic document versioning with SVN, checkin / checkout, reports / data export to Excel, CSV or OpenOffice.
  • Contract management, monitoring self-prolonging contracts and termination options, calculation of current liabilities, etc.
  • Manual intervention into automatic operations is possible at anytime. Support of flexible working. It is not required, at which time specified acts must be done. Indexing, creating links, or starting a workflow is possible early by detecting, but also at any time later.

User Interface

  • Award-winning user interface is almost devoid of subwindows, well adapted to individual user requirements, almost all functions can be switched on and off.
  • Directly large document preview. No need of an external application to view documents. This makes browsing faster and visually detecting possible, "scroll as in paper binders". Works with ERP documents, paper scans, Office, emails, PDFs, and even many CAD formats. Several document windows simultaneously possible.
  • Working in the DMS as with paper. Direct use of graphical tools on the document such as Sticky Notes ("post-its"), free text, pens, lines, markers, etc.
  • Any user set up its own listview and sorting per archive. In addition bookmarks, distributing favorites, hotkeys and stamps configurable per user.
  • Keyboard usability for quickly daily work with documents, many useful hotkeys, macro capability due plugins.
  • Many proven concepts are used: context menus, drag and drop, self-learning lists, auto-completion, back functions, remind and subscribe documents.
  • Minimal training required because of intuitive operation.

Supported Document Formats

  • Office-Documents
  • PDF
  • CAD
  • Images
  • Paper Documents
  • digital ERP-documents
  • E-Mails
  • ZIP-Container
  • HTML
  • ...

System requirements


Server: Current industry standard server with at least 2 GB main memory, 100 GB hard disk space, dual core CPU Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012, R2, Small Business Server. Valid structured data backup.


Full functionality with Windows-client, running under WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8. Support for MS-Office up to 2003. Unattended Client-Installation possible, or only as a link. No special hardware requirements. Client also usable via Terminal Server and / or VPN.


bitfarm recommends using genuine document scanner instead multifunction devices. Technically, almost all network scanner or TWAIN-compliant scanner can be used.


Active-Directory-Infrastructure with valid DNS, user must have access to the server share without re-login window.


The listed properties refer to the Enterprise-Edition. The main differences between Enterprise and GPL-Edition can be found here.

 Architecture & Scalability

  • Fast user interface by native multi-thread program code (development in Delphi).
  • Quick search by optimizing database queries and stored procedures.
  • Databae MySQL (MS-SQL and Oracle available soon).
  • Active Directory / LDAP connection for easy maintenance of users and groups.
  • Separation of database, document storage, DMS-Server, OCR- and render server on different maschines possible.
  • OCR clustering capabilities for huge data volumes.
  • Audit-proof archiving system, using Soft-WORM in addition protected with SSL-checksums.
  • Granular rights-system controls access to documents and functions to single user or groups/role-based.
  • Inheritance functions for archive- and location properties, field definitions and rights.
  • Scalable 5 to 5000 user/server, up to 100 Mio. documents per DB/server.
  • Implementation as a complete service-oriented software architecture (SOA).
  • Client capabilitiy, multiple locations with their own servers are supported.


  • Full remote control capability from other applications, for example to display documents directly, perform searches etc.
  • Complete integration into the Windows-Explorer, as well as in MS- and OpenOffice. Intergration in Outlook, David, Lotus Notes and other email clients. Interfaces to most ERP-Systems.
  • Reproducing of typical and individual document processes of all industries because of the extensive and flexible customizable workflow functions.
  • Creating Outlook contacts from scanned business cards (.vcf)