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Advantages of Document Management and digital archiving

What is the advantage of the introduction of a Document Management System? Information and the faster and more accurate access thereto are not only minor factors for the success of businesses. Especially in times where the margin is sinking due to increasing globalised competition, sensible EDV solutions like bitfarm-Archiv Document Management – the Open Source DMS with many functions – to lower ongoing costs or increase productivity are in demand.

  • faster access to information
  • acceleration of operating processes
  • improved transparency of procedures
  • improved controlling possibilities
  • improved customer service
  • improved quality of process treatment
  • omission of distribution copies
  • error minimalisation
  • improved document-safety, less document loss
  • cost reduction during increasing transaction volume
  • less space requirements
  • relief of e-mail systems
  • uniform information platform, no media disruption
  • cost reduction in output management
  • increase in employee motivation