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The Future is Digital!

Advantages of Document Management and Digital Archiving

Fast and targeted access to relevant information is an important success factor for modern companies. Especially in times of globalized competition and decreasing margins, meaningful information management systems represent an investment in a company's competitiveness and future viability. A document management system such as bitfarm-Archiv helps to reduce operating costs and increase productivity by bundling information that can be retrieved quickly in any situation. trägt zur Reduzierung der Betriebskosten und Steigerung der Produktivität bei, indem es Informationen bündelt, die in jeder Situation schnell abrufbar sind.

The structured and central filing of documents also improves controlling and thus the transparency of processes. Information, whether to the management or within the scope of customer service, is possible at any time. Long searches for documents and information on file servers and in file folders are a thing of the past with a powerful DMS.

Advantages of digital document management at a glance

  • Faster access to information due to automatic creation of a company-wide, searchable knowledge database without media disruptions

  • Optimisation of work and document processes

  • More transparency with improved controlling options

  • More efficient customer service

  • Improved quality of transaction processing

  • No need for distribution copies

  • Error minimisation

  • More document security - less document loss

  • Cost reduction with growing business volume

  • Less space required

  • Relief of e-mail systems

  • Compliance with legal regulations and compliance requirements such as GoBD, DSGVO, HIPAA, etc.

  • Increase of employee motivation through the use of modern technology and reduction of monotonous filing and search activities, thus more time for creative and demanding tasks.