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BMInfo – bookmark notification via email

bitfarm-Archiv’s bookmarks save previously specified search processes, which makes it easier to find documents one has to work on. Especially in the case of having to handle large quantities, bookmarks help users to get a better overview of their documents, compared to e.g. using resubmissions. Regarding this, until now, new tasks could only be invoked by opening the bitfarm-Archiv viewer and separately clicking on every single bookmark.

With the help of the new system component BMInfo, which is installed on the server, each user now receives a regularly scheduled email including a list of the documents they need to work on. BMInfo controls every bookmark at predetermined intervals and sends corresponding emails. Optionally, the function can be set so that a controller, such as a head of a department, receives an overview of all documents that need to be processed by the co-workers for whom he is responsible.

BMInfo thus provides a better overview of everyday tasks. It also makes it easier for employees to process their documents by drawing them directly from email. It is no longer necessary to open the viewer and access single bookmarks. Instead, documents can be processed one by one from the email BMInfo sends to the user.

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