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bitfarm-Archiv version 3.6 - F9 opens importer preview

In bitfarm-Archiv 3.6, the viewer-integrated importer replaces the external scanning program ManuScan. While ManuScan used a scanning pool to e.g. separate and sort batch-read documents, this function is also available by using the importer; however, the corresponding document will not automatically be displayed with a larger preview.

Nevertheless, in order to allow comfortable working, the importer offers different options. A double-click on a document opens a preview that can be undocked and then, for example, be dragged onto a second screen.

If the user does not work with two screens, pressing the F9 key provides a quick and easy way to open a preview window. This window will appear in place of the tree structure on the left side of the screen. After all pages are sorted, one can close the window with the Esc key.

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