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New Function - search string highlighting in Version 3.6

bitfarm-Archiv DMS has, among other things, always stood for an efficient full-text search, thanks to latest OCR and fast database technology. However, the possibilities of identifying the exact position of search terms in documents had been limited up to now. This fact had not been a problem for smaller documents with, for example, up to ten pages, but could turn into an ordeal regarding larger documents with several hundred pages.

The solution: Starting with version 3.6, bitfarm-Archiv possesses the function to graphically highlight search terms in the full text of documents, which siginifacntly facilitates searching for needed information. Both the search term and the page on which it is found will be highlighted; the next reference can easily be reached using the F3 key.

In addition to all that, highlighting search terms also simplifies importing older documents from paper form. Separating documents with the help of barcodes thus is not mandatory any longer, which means that complete folders can be consecutively archived. Still, this new function will initially only be available for scanned TIF documents.

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