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New Function - search result highlighting in Version 3.6

Symbolbild Fundstellenmarkierung

bitfarm-Archiv DMS has always represented a powerful full-text search, thanks to modern text recognition and fast database technology. Until now, however, the possibilities to determine the exact position of the search term in the respective document were limited. What was relatively unproblematic for smaller documents with up to 10 pages could become a test of patience for large documents with several hundred pages.

As of version 3.6, bitfarm-Archiv has a graphical reference marker. This facilitates the search for the required information within the found documents considerably. Both the searched text and the pages on which it can be found are graphically highlighted. The next place to find a document can be easily reached by pressing the F3 key.

In addition, the location marking simplifies the archiving of old documents in paper form. It is no longer necessary to separate documents during capture, for example using barcodes. This means that entire folders can now be archived continuously. For the time being, however, the new function is only available for scanned documents in TIF format.

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