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Individual adaptations

Very powerful and extremely customizable document management system

If there is something missing, programmatic adaptations of the system can be commissioned (something that is either exorbitantly expensive or cannot be done at all with many other closed-source systems).

Inexpensive and release-stable

With bitfarm-Archiv Document Management, incidentally, adaptational programming is not only inexpensive as a normal service, but also release-stable, i.e. it works with any (future) update without further adjustment. This is thanks to the various plugin interfaces, which are compatible to all versions and updates.

Requirements in varying branches can easily be met

The Document Management System includes a number of functions, so that most requirements in varying branches can easily be met.

Nobody needs to be a computer programmer to use bitfarm-Archiv Document Management. This is sometimes claimed, probably because it is often assumed in conjunction with Open Source.

Complete enterprise document management system

bitfarm-Archiv DMS is a complete Enterprise Document Management System, that has picked up on and implemented the ideas and suggestions of its clients for many years and can thus offer many sophisticated functions from practise for the practise.

Comparing bitfarm-Archiv DMS with other leading DMS-Solutions leads to a surprising result: the open source product hardly lacks a function – out of the box – without having to have written a single line of code.

Project examples

A couple of examples of adaptation, which were implemented during a project, can be found under Project examples.