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bitfarm-Archiv DMS - Features and Options

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers all functions of a digital archive system, document management system and enterprise content management system. It captures paper documents manually or automatically via scanners, files, office documents, e-mails, faxes, drawings and images from various sources. These are stored centrally on the server. The internal storage is done in the original format as well as in TIFF (PDF/A on request), which ensures long-term compatibility and platform neutrality.

Throughput and Performance

The high performance MySQL database allows even document volumes of several million to be searched in less than 1 second - just like Internet searches. There are also functions for mass processing during import. With powerful scanners, many thousands of documents can be processed every day.

If a single server is too slow, bitfarm-Archiv document management scales easily to multiple servers for load balancing. The bitfarm-Archiv software automatically separates the individual documents, recognizes the document type, captures relevant information and sorts them into different destination folders - without any user intervention.

Integration and Collaboration

Extensive integration options allow the flexible and convenient use of bitfarm-Archiv. Documents from most administration, ERP, PPS and merchandise management systems can be transferred automatically. The bitfarm-Archiv Client is completely remote controllable, a corresponding application is already included, so that even without programming effort, suitable documents or files can be displayed in bitfarm-Archiv from many systems simply by pressing a key combination.

The integration into the Windows operating system and the most important menus as well as into the common Office products (also OpenOffice) simplify working with files, e-mails and faxes. bitfarm-Archiv not only makes it easy to store and retrieve documents quickly, but also offers extensive management functions, most of which become active automatically: Versioning, logging, change monitoring, subscriptions, mother-daughter relations and document history are just some of the key features.


The most important functions of the DMS

  • Automatic capture of electronic documents and paper documents

  • Versioning and logging

  • Fast search via index, metadata and full text

  • Automatic text recognition (OCR) even for paper documents

  • Audit-proof archiving according to legal requirements

  • Powerful workflow system

  • Individually adaptable software due to freely configurable data fields and plug-ins

  • Easy connection to Office and ERP systems

  • Complete e-mail and fax integration

  • Archiving of all common file types, e.g. also CAD drawings

  • Enter­prise Content Manage­ment

  • Automatic sorting & keywording

  • Automatic creation of task and project files

  • Evaluations and reports

Controlling and Security

Information on processes and processing statuses can be managed independently by the system. It is also possible to use graphic elements such as stamps, "Post-it" notes, text fields and many kinds of pens and markers, just like on a paper document. The different status options of a document depend on the document type. The document status can also be searched or filtered. For example, you can display all documents of a task or project that have not yet been "released", or all invoices that have not yet been "checked". Who has edited a document with which result is recorded unchangeably in the history for each individual document. In addition, there is one or more controllers for each work process that have direct insight into the workflow flow and can intervene, for example, if timeouts occur.

To ensure that not every user has access to confidential documents, a finely graduated rights system ensures security. It is based on the user rights at operating system level, for example in the Windows domain or the Active Directory, so that a holistic security view is possible. Who uses information and how is also logged, for example, who sends a document when to whom by e-mail, who prints it, etc. The information is then stored in a database and can be used for other purposes. Extensive evaluations and detailed reports from the individual user to the administration activities also meet high demands. bitfarm-Archiv document management also meets all requirements for an audit-proof archiving system in accordance with GoBD and AO.

Implementing work processes

A notification system integrated in bitfarm-Archiv sends documents to the responsible processor manually or automatically for processing. The system can also cooperate with most e-mail systems.

By means of server rules, a document is sent to one or more persons or groups with a work order on the basis of different categories or certain document properties. This is not the document itself but a link, i.e. a reference to the document.

Once a person or group member has completed editing, further notifications or other actions can follow. The structure of complex sequential and parallel processes is thus possible. Absence representative regulations and escalation levels ensure a high level of process security.

Flexibility and adaptability

Due to open source technology and the use of a scripting language on the server for all non time-critical operations, the system can be easily adapted to different needs.

There are defined plugin interfaces at which individual code can be "latched in" to perform special tasks, such as document processing processes.

Not only the plugins, but also the client interface and the database can be configured for various tasks. This makes bitfarm-Archiv document management one of the most flexible DMS/ECM solutions in comparison with other well-known products, as Robert Bosch GmbH has confirmed. The various steps in the process ensure a high level of process reliability.

Access Possibilities

If field staff or branches are to be connected, the usual VPN or terminal methods can be used. For smartphones and tablets we provide the bitfarm-Archiv mobile app and access via browser.

You may also install your own bitfarm Archiv server at the respective locations. In this case you can choose which server you want to connect to when you log in with the bitfarm-Archiv client.

For fast access to the archived documents on the way without network access, parts or even the entire archive can be selectively exported to DVD, USB stick etc. A database and bitfarm-Archiv offline viewer are packed onto the medium, so that you can work almost like in a network.


The result is a powerful, well integrated and functional software solution at a fair total price compared to other systems - after all, the DMS is supposed to save costs and not cause them. It should be easy and intuitive to use, so that the users like to work with the software and feel it as a real relief. Because only if the employees can be taken along on the way to the electronic document management, the DMS/ECM introduction can become a success story in the enterprise.