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Function overview

Functions and possibilities of using bitfarm-Archiv Document Management

The bitfarm-Archiv Document Management System offers all functions of a digital archiving system, Document Management System and Enterprise Content Management System. It captures paper documents manually or automatically via scanner, files, Office documents, e-mails, faxes, sketches, images from various sources. Storing is done centrally on the server, which provides capacity. Internal archiving takes place in the original format as well as in TIFF (if desired also as PDF/A), which guarantees long-term compatibility and platform neutrality.

Manual tagging and/or automatic indexing and sorting

The stored documents are allocated search terms and categorisations via manual tagging and/or automatic indexing and sorting, which are then stored in a database. Access via the network is possible within seconds for all users through the bitfarm-Archiv viewer. The time saving during the search for documents and information is probably one of the main reasons for the use of bitfarm-Archiv Document Management.

Efficiency and performance

Thanks to the efficient MySQL database large amounts of documents of a couple of million can be searched in under 10 seconds. This is exactly the same technology used by Google and others. Importing also offers functions for mass-processing. Thus, many thousands of documents can be processed daily with the help of an efficient scanner. If a single server is too slow for the amount of work, bitfarm-Archiv Document Management can scale up to multiple servers for work distribution purposes without problems. Whole stacks of mixed documents can also be scanned in one go. The bitfarm-Archiv software automatically sees to the separation of individual documents, recognises document types, captures relevant information and sorts them into various target archives - all without the help of the user.

Integration and cooperation

Far-reaching integration possibilities make the use of bitfarm-Archiv flexible and comfortable. Documents from most administration, ERP, PPC and inventory control systems can be transferred automatically. The bitfarm-Archiv client is remote-controllable; an appropriate application is included in the delivery. This allows appropriate documents to be shown in bitfarm-Archiv via keystroke combination without any programming effort.

The integration into the Windows operating system and the most important menus as well as the common Office products (including OpenOffice), ease the use of documents, e-mails and faxes for the user. But bitfarm-Archiv does not only allow easy archiving and quick retrieval of documents. It also offers extensive management functions that are largely active automatically without input: version control, recording, alteration supervision, mother-daughter relationships and document history are some key points.

The DMS' most important functions

    • Automatic capture of electronic documents and paper documents
    • Version control and recording
    • Fast searches via index, metadata and full-text
    • Automatic text recognition (OCR), also with paper documents
    • Audit-proof archiving according to legal stipulation
    • Efficient workflow system
  • Individually adaptable software via freely configurable data fields and plugins
  • Easy linking with Office and ERP systems
  • Complete integration of e-mail and fax
  • Archiving of all common file types, e.g. even CAD sketches
  • Automatic sorting & tagging
  • Automatic creation of process and project files
  • Evaluation and reporting

Document organisation

Relationships between documents in terms of content become more transparent with shortcuts. Thus, documents can for example belong to a contract or a project. One or more delivery notes can belong to one invoice and maybe to one offer and one order. A Word file might belong to an e-mail, in which it was sent, or to another Word file, from which it was created. At the same time, these files belong to a mutual project, product, process, etc.

Depiction of work processes

A messaging system integrated into bitfarm-Archiv sends the documents on their journey either manually or automatically. The system can also cooperate complementary or exclusively with most e-mail systems, but does not have to. Via server regulations one or more people or groups can be sent a work order with reference to a document, based on categories or specific document properties. If a person or group member is finished with the document, further notifications or other actions can follow. Setting up complex sequential and parallel procedures is possible in this manner.

Transparency and security

Information on processes and processing stages can be run by the system. The use of graphical elements such as stamps, post-its, notices, text boxes and many kinds of pens and markers is available, just like on a paper document. The various status possibilities of a document depend on the type of document. One can also directly search for or filter according to specific document stati, e.g. listing all documents of a process or project that have not been released or all invoices that have not been checked. Who altered a document with which result is incidentally also unalterably recorded in the history for each and every document. For every process stage there is also one or more controllers, who have direct insight into workflow procedures and can intervene at any time, e.g. in cases of timeout.

A finely tuned authorisation system provides security, so that not every user has access to confidential documents. The system is based on the user permissions on operation system level, e.g. the Windows domain or the active directory. This allows for an integral safety review. It also records the use of information, e.g. who used what information in which way, who sent a document to whom and when, etc.

Flexibility and adaptability

Thanks to the Open Source technology and the use of a scripting language on the server for all non-time-critical operations, the system can easily be adapted to different requirements. For instance, there are plugin interfaces where individual code can be linked into the document processing procedures, which then implements special tasks. Not only the plugins, but also the client interface and the database can be configured for various tasks. This makes bitfarm-Archiv Document Management one of the most flexible DMS/ECM solutions compared to other prestigious products, as confirmed by the Robert Bosch GmbH.

Access possibilities

If field representatives or branches are to be connected, the common VPN or terminal methods can be used. One could also set up an individual bitfarm-Archiv server on-site; one can then choose which server one would like to be connected with via the bitfarm-Archiv client. For fast access to the archived documents without access to the network from on the go, selective parts or the complete archive can be exported onto DVD, USB stick, etc. A database including bitfarm-Archiv offline viewer is exported onto the medium at the same time, so one can work just like inside the network.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management fulfils all requirements for an audit-proof archiving system according to GDPdU and GoBS.