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Workflow management

Document-based electronic workflows

If an electronic document archive is well organised and logically and comprehensibly structured for all users, one of the many goals of using a Document Management System has been accomplished. Archiving and retrieval work faster than the conventional paper archiving shortly after the training period.

General or selective document distribution

Document processes can be depicted in various forms for completion and further optimisation with bitfarm-Archiv. Documents can be distributed manually or automatically to the employees according to specific properties via server regulations. These could be document content, category / storage place, but also according to field variables and compulsory user entries. Job instructions for the individual document are attached at the same time.

Even time-controlled events can start the document submittal to an employee. E.g. bitfarm-Archiv automatically calculates possible cancellation dates for contracts, submits the contracts to the appropriate authority on time and thus contributes to an effective contract management, with many evaluation options.

Information transparency not only after end of processing

The native document resubmission is the "post box", which submits the documents to be processed separately to every user with job instructions. The documents themselves physically remain in the same place, so that they can be found and accessed by any user in spite of the "post box" - as long as the authorisation is set accordingly. A user is automatically notified, if he has new documents for processing in his "post box", even when the DMS client is not open at the time.

Status overview, controlling and documentation

The results of document processing are documented according to status fields / buttons - which can also be searched for deliberately. In many cases, notes ("post-its"), stamps and other graphical tools can be used to call attention to special features. Every step of processing is also always recorded in detail in the "history", which is automatically kept by the system for every document.

Complex workflow cascades and parallel processes

When a user is done with processing a document, bitfarm-Archiv automatically identifies the next user and submits the document to his post box, possibly with another job instruction attached. This process is repeated until the workflow is completed.

Workflow can not only be defined for single users, but also on a group level. Here, the system knows various processing modi, e.g. cumulative or alternative, to enable the constructions of different scenarios.

Extended business solutions

Sometimes it is possible, that tasks can not be realized only with the configuration options of the DMS. Especially by the orchestration of document processes with other business applications or external process events, bitfarm-Archiv DMS plays its strengths full of, with the extensive interfaces and scripting options as well as the bitfarm-Archiv toolbox.

In the past complex business intelligence has been implemented with these agents several times - developments which are available for all customers. Via simple plugins, events around one document can control actions around other documents. An example: a consignment note was digitally printed into the DMS from an appropriate application. A couple of days later, the counter-signed consignment note is scanned into the Document Management on return. The DMS recognises the corresponding original consignment note and marks it as "done". This way, the user always has an overview over which consignment note have not been completed. In another scenario, a production plan is released. This will mark all other production plans in the DMS as "outdated" and hidden for most employees.

Document management with bitfarm-Archiv is scalable very freely. It can be used as a small archive system, where most of the functions are disabled. It can also be used as a cross-platform system for document-related information and their processes in a company and become an important part of a "Business Process Management" or a "Product Lifecycle Management".

The customer gets always the complete software by bitfarm-Archiv DMS and can decide, which functions at which point he wanted to use. Often the DMS is really introduced as an archive system and later, when the users are routined with the digital documents, to add a number advanced features such as electronic workflows.

QM workflows according to ISO 9001

With the help of the workflow functions integrated in bitfarm-Archiv Enterprise the requirements for a quality ­management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ff. can be implemented. E.g. a document is directly created in the DMS. The author edits the document, e.g. a Word file, via the DMS with the function "Edit original file“. He receives support from the extended ECM functions such as version control, Check In/ Out.

The document is automatically sent to an inspector or group of inspectors, when the work is completed. If the document does not pass the inspection it is sent back to the author, possibly including some suggested improvements. This process is repeated until the document is accepted.

Checked documents can then be subjected to another process, e.g. release and publication. Released and published documents replace the previous document. This way, users from the production department can for instance only access the current document. Documents that have not been released can then be handed back to the author.

Incoming-invoices workflow

Scanning and automatic distribution of incoming invoices is one of the classic electronic document management workflows. For many companies this is the start for the DMS-based distribution of documents. The incoming mail-workflow or the invoice workflow is something that turns out as meaningful to almost every company and brings the desired effects quickly:

  • Central retrieval even during processing
  • Faster processing times
  • Fewer lost documents
  • More savings for example, by timely discount
  • Elimination of distributor copies
  • Control and transparency

The DMS must offer many configuration possibilities, so that the electronic workflow can reproduce every detail of the present audit. With bitfarm-Archiv DMS, the customer receives a flexible workflow engine, which is adaptable to in the finest nuances. It also supports complex scenarios with different cases, sequential and parallel processes, cope with exceptional situations and it can realize escalation level.

Information and demonstration

Further information and demonstrations on site with practical examples or online presentation: e-mail us at info@bitfarm-archiv.com or phone +49(0)271/31396-0.