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bitfarm Informationssysteme GmbH was founded in Siegen in 1998 by Markus Schmalenbach and Heino Schneider, initially as a pure IT system house. From the very beginning we worked on the development of our own innovative solutions in the field of information technology, in addition to the sales and support of IT products. Already in 2000 bitfarm was able to present a highly available cluster server with digital block replication based on Linux.

Following the vision of the paperless office, we developed a Document management System based on open source in 2003. The use of open-source software enabled a cost-effective solution that met the highest technical requirements and also convinced with its user-friendliness. In 2005, we won the German Aerospace Center as a customer. Another milestone was the conclusion of a framework agreement to equip Mazda dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with our open source DMS in 2011.


bitfarm Informationssysteme GmbH is still owner-managed today. As a commitment to the social responsibility of the company, bitfarm has granted many companies and institutions with proven non-profit status a special discount of 50% on support services since 2008.

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As a modern software company, we concentrate on the continuous further development of our DMS and our support and services today. In order to optimally accompany the introduction of DMS in a company, we offer well-founded and individual consulting based on a careful process analysis.

We support you during the planning phase and, if desired, take over the technical implementation, staff training and support. It is our aim to provide you with a completely well adapted DMS, which you will enjoy working with successfully. The increasing number of satisfied customers makes us continue this way.

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economical & eco-friendly

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is a modern open source solution, which was developed close to customer requirements. Our innovative DMS helps companies of all industries and sizes to save time, paper and costs. At the same time, work processes can be accelerated while increasing quality and employee motivation. In addition, electronic document management with bitfarm-Archiv represents an important step on the way to the paperless office of the future. In addition, the considerable savings in paper save natural resources.

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In addition to the aerospace industry and the automotive trade, bitfarm-Archiv document management is successfully used in the fields of forwarding and logistics, health care, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, wholesale and retail, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, as well as in manufacturing and the service sector in general. Our DMS has also proven itself in public institutions and social organizations. Specific adaptations can be programmed release-proof via plug-in interfaces, so that special functions can also be implemented for individual industries - while maintaining the industry neutrality of the core product.



In the meantime, 1000 companies and private individuals download our software every month in average, which has also been available in English since 2010.

We support numerous small and medium-sized companies with active support, new developments and many years of experience in all questions concerning digital archiving, document management and enterprise content management.