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Document Management

Worth knowing information about the problems of classical Document Management and the possibilities that an electronic Document Management System can offer. The following pages inform on the role, the advantages and disadvantages of electronic Document Management in contrast to conventional Document Management.

Electronic Document Management – the answer to many questions

Do you know how much time is spent on searching for documents and information in a company? Which employee spends how much working time with filing and searching for information? How much does a working hour of an employee cost?

Imagine an employee could answer a query immediately without having to browse documents, records or files. How many documents are lost on their way through the company? Wouldn't more transparency in workflows on documents be desirable? How difficult is it to find a document, which is still "in process" in the company? Who has it at the moment? How many distribution copies get made daily? How much does that cost? How much space is required for the paper storage? How much does this space cost per month/year? How much time is spent on transporting documents through the company? How can you gain control over the wild growth of your filing system on the server? Can the employees' motivation be increased, if the time consuming search for information disappears; documents and information is available immediately?

Electronic Document Management is easy and unexpensive nowadays

Ever since the existence of information technology, businesses and institutions have looked for ways to use them to further their own goals. For a long time, special applications brought the greatest benefit during the 80s and 90s. The time of the ERP systems started in the 90s and has continued up to today. DMS and ECM systems have gained in importance in the last few years. They offer a quick and high Return-on-Invest, especially because of the technologies available today. The possibilities convince users and decision makers likewise. Success and agreement come immediately with DMS projects.

What does electronic Document Management cost?

In cost-effectiveness considerations, the electronic Document Management is an IT investment, which has benefits for the company after a very short time and then in the long term. At the same time, electronic Document Management has a top position in comparison to other IT investments. Many valuations by independent experts, but also our own customer surveys, prove this.

Examples (*)

(*) Typical example for a mid-tier company with some document / information occurrence. Depending on the actual state other IT investments can make more sense economically.