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bitfarm-Archiv Document Managament - Ver­sions

GPL Edition

The GPL edition is the open version of the open source DMS. It can be downloaded and used free of charge. It is licensed under the GPLv2 license and allows developers to view the source code and make their own enhancements to it. Such enhancements must also be provided under GPLv2 and made available with the source code.

The current range of functions makes the bitfarm-Archiv GPL edition particularly interesting for single users or small companies. In the basic elements of operation, it does not differ from the Enterprise Edition (of course, the Enterprise Edition has further functions), so that initial tests (e.g. database performance, basic usability of the interface, etc.) can be carried out with the GPL Edition. An update to the Enterprise Edition is possible at any time.

Download the GPL version and discover tools and add-ons.



The functional scope of the Enterprise Edition is especially tailored to corporate use and scales from approximately 5 to 5000 users per server.

The authorisation system is much more sophisticated, the data structures of the document database are more complex and more freely definable than in the GPL edition. Document processing and automatic recognition is superior and more efficient with Omnipage-OCR than with GPL-OCR. In addition, the Enterprise Version offers extensive workflow functionality, Office integration, versioning, automatic file creation, AD connection, reporting, interfaces, documented revision security and many other functions that are necessary for professional use. In addition, you receive direct support, training offers and project support only for this version.

Like the GPL Edition, the Enterprise Edition is license-free and open source. The bitfarm GmbH offers the possibility to receive the Enterprise version including regular updates, patches and bug fixes within the scope of the charged software support. The resulting costs are manageable - especially if the prices of comparable enterprise document management systems are compared.

Differences between the two versions