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bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is an Open Source DMS with unique features. It is available as a GPL and Enterprise Edition.

GPL Edition

The GPL Edition is the open version of bitfarm-Archiv, which can be downloaded and used for free. It is listed under the GPLv2 licence and allows developers to view the source code and build further developments from it. These further developments have to be listed under GPLv2 as well and the source code made accessible.

Unique range of functions

The current range of functions makes the bitfarm-Archiv GPL Edition interesting especially for single users or small companies. The basic elements of operation are identical to the Enterprise Edition (naturally the Enterprise Edition has further functions), so that initial tests (e.g. database performance, basic operability of the interface, etc.) can be done with the GPL Edition. An update from the GPL Edition to the Enterprise Edition is possible.

Download the GPL Edition

Enterprise Edition

The range of functions of our Enterprise Edition is tailored especially to the requirements of companies and scales from 5 to 5000 users per server. The authorisation system is more sophisticated, data structures are more complex and more freely definable than in the GPL Edition. The document processing and automatic recognition is better due to the Omnipage OCR than it is in the GPL OCR, and more.

Licence fee free

The Enterprise Edition is – just as the GPL Edition – licence fee free, but is not available as a free download. Interested parties receive the Enterprise Edition by commissioning the installation/update and booking the Enterprise software support. Apart from the complete support service, there is also a guarantee on system functionality included.

Differences between the two versions