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Document organisation in companies

Properly organize electronic documents with bitfarm-Archiv Document Management

Whoever works contract- and project-oriented requires functions to help organise the electronic documents accordingly. Apart from a formal structure most often the affiliation of content, project or contract name and number are elementary search and archiving criteria. With a database driven document management system such different perspectives and categorizations are possible, which offers more than just a simple tree structure. However, the DMS shows the user a clear requirement for filling of documents at any time, which prevents uncontrolled growth and guarantees a quick and targeted access.

Flexible possibilities for categorisation

bitfarm-Archiv offers many possibilities and ways to set up a suitable and fitting structure. Apart from the Explorer-like tree navigation database and control fields are available, which can be connected dynamically, depending on category and requirements.

Document shortcuts depict in relationships between documents. A document is not necessarily only a member of one process, but can be linked to various projects and contexts.

Automatic sorting, contract and project assignment, tagging

Assigning and tending to the shortcuts and database fields need not necessarily be done manually – the bitfarm-Archiv server rules offer multiple possibilities to have assignments done automatically.

Pre-selected customer and supplier lists are also available as drop-down-menus. These can be transferred either fully or semi-automatically from ERP systems.

Intelligent search pattern

bitfarm-Archiv DMS uses an intelligent search pattern. For finding for example the "order number", a "big" ruleset with the position of the "order number" is not necessary. With a search pattern, this "order number" can be identified overall. The maintenance required is minimal with maximum labor savings. What possibly remains, is to educate the suppliers, because the document management system can of course only work with what is printed on the documents...

„Programming skills are fortunately not necessary for further configuration and running administration of the Document Management System in spite of the Open-Source concept.“

Hans-Gerd van de Kerkhof, Rosink Maschinenfabrik

Electronic document transport

Various document distribution mechanisms make sure that documents quickly arrive where they are needed electronically, e.g. directly in the company with the corresponding case-worker. Controlling and document history are tools integrated to monitor the workflows.

Industry independence

The possibilities offered by bitfarm-Archiv are applicable to a broad range of industries. Because of the open and flexible architecture there is hardly a case, where a good or excellent adaptation was not possible. Our list of references gives some examples.

Information and presentation

Further information and on-site presentation with examples from practice or online presentation: send an e-mail to info@bitfarm-archiv.com or phone +49(0)271/31396-0.

Automatic generation of process, contract and project records

Are your business documents equipped with a process, contract or project number? Can you influence their structure by adapting the settings in the ERP system? Then you can have bitfarm-Archiv collect many documents of a process / contract / project into a single record, without having a user linking them manually.

As from version 3.5 Enterprise bitfarm-Archiv knows the command "search pattern", which looks for so-called "regular expressions" (a term from informatics) in previously unknown documents. If a process/contract/project number is defined relatively clearly and unmistakeably (thus the necessity to be able to make changes in the ERP), the document assignment to corresponding records happens automatically as soon as the number/identifier is featured somewhere in the document. Naturally documents can also be linked to multiple processes etc. This counts for all types of documents, no matter if it is a scan document, e-mail, fax, Office file, sketch etc.

his is basically unproblematic for one's own documents. It is more difficult for the suppliers' and customers' documents. It is therefore important to bait suppliers and customers with appropriate measures (e.g. by baiting them with faster processing) in order to get them to include the process/contract/project number in every piece of correspondence. This way, the greater part of the internal and external documents is correctly assigned fully automatically. Via a monitory query one can then filter out the relevant documents, which still need to be assigned manually – often only a few percent. This function relieves those people responsible for the capture, tagging and assignment of documents.

„The bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is the best and most convenient IT investment, which we made in the past years.“

Christina Küken, Betriebswirtin