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bitfarm-Archiv DMS …don't search – find!

  • Power and functionality from over 15 years of document management experience
  • Earned several awards for practial relevance and usability
  • Economic an flexibel due to open-source concept
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  • Full-size document management and enterprise content management
  • Especially for use in medium-sized companies, within public authorities and institutions
  • Fulfills all requirements on paperless archiving
  • No licence fee

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  • DMS with basic functionality
  • Suits for single users, small businesses or for evaluation purposes
  • no limits - 100% free
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What´s inside: Functions of bitfarm-Archiv DMS

bitfarm-Archiv document management – the complete Open-Source DMS

digital archiving, document management, ECM, automatic sorting, naming and delivery of documents, building of files, electronic document workflow, contract management, e-mail archiving, office- and erp-integration, versioning, resubmission, powerful search-engine, mobile access…

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Live presentation

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Read about the practical use of bitfarm-Archiv in different industries

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bitfarm-Archiv Document Management

Open Source Document Management System and Enterprise Content Management

bitfarm-Archiv document management is an intuitive, award-winning software with fast user acceptance. The extensive and practical functionality as well as the excellent adaptability makes the open source DMS to one of the most powerful document management, archiving and ECM solution for institutions and companies in all sectors at low cost.

The professional document management and enterprise content management system for audit-proof archiving, fast working with documents has been designed for enterprise use and meets the highest requirements "out of the box". Paper scans, print data (ERP, PPS etc.) Office-Documents, email, fax, PDF, DWG and many other document types will be archived, processed and retrieved fast and reliable.

Open Source DMS with many possibilities

bitfarm-Archiv document management software


Overview over the different versions (GPL and Enterprise Edition) as well as the Open Source DMS' functions and options (digital archiving, document organisation, workflow management, ECM software etc.)

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bitfarm-Archiv document management services


You will receive competent support and profit from valuable special know-how from the introduction of a Document Management System in your company to trainings and individual adaptations.

bitfarm-Archiv Dokumentenmanagement

Document Management

Information worth knowing on the topic of classic Document Management and the possibilities that an electronic Document Management System offers in comparison.

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Most important functions

  • Simple capture of electronic documents and paper documents
  • Automatic archiving of ERP-Documents, PPS-Systems and other document sources
  • Email Archiving, PDF-Archiving, Integration in MS-Office and Open-Office
  • Comprehensive document management system for many formats and data sources
  • Active document editing with checkin / checkout, versioning, history, reporting
  • Enterprise-Content-Management with support of typical QM-Workflows, 4- and 6-eyes-principle
  • Audit-proof archiving according to legal demands
  • Full-text search with previous automatic indexing, best OCR solution worldwide
  • Exceptionally fast and accurate document retrieval
  • Version control, logging and evaluation
  • Rule creation with possibility of far-reaching automation
  • Automatic sorting and tagging for all kind of documents
  • Automatic generation of process and project records
  • Workflow system for all kind of documents with many possibilities e.g. saved queries, etc.
  • Working safely with extensive options to control the access permissions
  • Fast and intuitive Windows application, low training expense
  • Flexible configuration, also for very specific industry requirements
  • Stable and secure Open-Source-Software, used for over 10 years in daily business
  • PLM, output management, records management, contract management, knowledge management, information management
  • and much more

Comfort and functionality

The Open Source DMS offers an economic solution without having to forego comfort. To the contrary: the innovative Document Management and ECM software is often praised for its user interface and the numerous useful functions, which greatly support the daily work with documents.

In contrast to many competitors, the Open Source basis guarantees the practicability of special customer requirements with reasonable effort. Since the free software is a complete DMS and ECM solution for the start, whose features can hardly be beaten, programming is hardly necessary.

Product information

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Release bitfarm-Archiv Version 3.6

The beta-phase has widely finished and thanks tot he positive experience and feedback, the new version 3.6 can be delivered to the customers starting from 28.08.2017.

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Video of new bitfarm-Archiv Version 3.6

Version 3.6 of the Enterprise-DMS delivers many innovations, to support the users with their daily work on documents the best possible way. Also, it is more flexible to adapt, when requirements change.

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bitfarm-Archiv DMS wins IT Innovation Award

The entire bitfarm staff is proud to have won the IT Innovation Award by the Initiative Mittelstand in the category DMS. The innovative Document Management System was chosen as the best DMS from over 2000 contestants.

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