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Document management - all possibilities with bitfarm-Archiv

Digitalisation made easy

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers everything you need to archive and manage your documents and files. Our intuitively operable Document Management software is designed for use in companies, institutions and public administration and meets high demands 'out of the box'.

In addition to archiving according to the legal requirements of the GoBD, bitfarm-Archiv offers comprehensive and practical Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functions such as workflow management and versioning as well as an efficient contract management.

Our docu­ment management system is developed on an open source basis and has numerous interfaces and plugins. Therefore it can be easily adapted to the individual needs of a company. Integration into existing IT components such as merchandise management and ERP systems, FiBu or PPS software is effortless due to the flexibility of the system and facilitates the introduction of a DMS considerably.

License-free document management for everyone

Free Download GPL Version

Our free DMS software is primarily designed as a developer base, for private users and small businesses. It is also an excellent tool to test bitfarm-Archiv and to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and the user interface of the application. An upgrade to the Enterprise Edition is possible at any time.


The Enterprise Edition in comparison

The Enterprise Version offers efficient document management and Enterprise Content Management especially for use in companies, institutions and authorities. The software meets all legal requirements for digital archiving according to GoBD. Like the GPL version, it is license-free.


Always on the move ?

With the bitfarm-Archiv mobile app you have your documents with you.


Document management, DMS, ECM ... What are the differences?

Document management = digital management of documents. Document management includes the creation, processing, distribution and archiving of documents as well as the search for documents.

DMS = Document Management System according to the definition of the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon, a "software package for document management", which, in addition to the standard services, offers additional functions such as simultaneous access by several users to a document, multidimensional classification of individual documents and powerful keywording, as well as the administration and verification of access authorizations.

ECM = Enterprise Content Management is defined by AIIM as a dynamic combination of strategies, methods and tools that capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information to support key organisational processes. A clear demarcation between an ECM and a modern DMS turns out to be difficult, since modern document management systems do not manage and make available only documents but contents of most different formats and degrees of structuring.


We will provide you with advice on all aspects of digitalisation and document management with bitfarm-Archiv.


Project examples

Learn more about creative solutions for different industries and company sizes.



Get an overview of functions, features and technical details of our DMS software.

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A surprisingly fast access to your documents

bitfarm-Archiv applies a new approach to the recognition of paper documents and uses Omnipage® OCR , one of the world's leading text recognition systems. Based on this, the DMS implements a full text search, which, thanks to optimized database programming, brings the appropriate content to the screen in a matter of seconds, even from hundreds of thousands of documents.

This makes work pleasant - and works just as quickly and easily as searching the Internet. If the full-text search is not sufficient for certain tasks, our software offers extensive possibilities for indexing in the form of precisely configurable index fields. To ensure that users do not have to bear the costs of maintaining these index fields, rules automate the continuous loading of once learned document types. Data captured in this way can also be processed with other software systems (e.g. FiBu or ERP).

Latest news

bitfarm-Archiv Enterprise Version 3.6.1

Document Lifecycle Management (DLM), a completely revised Webviewer and a new storage management in the Importer. What you can expect in version 3.6.1

What's new?

Mobile client for Android, iOS & Browser

The bitfarm client is now available for iOS and Android on tablets and smartphones as well as for common browsers.

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Release bitfarm-Archiv Enterprise Version 3.6

Version 3.6 of the Enterprise DMS contains many new features and improvements in order to be able to react even more flexibly to requirements. Watch the videos of the new version.

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