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Digitization made easy

bitfarm-Archiv document management offers everything you need for archiving and managing your documents and files. Our intuitive document management software is designed for use in companies, institutions and public administration and meets demanding requirements 'out of the box'.

In addition to archiving in accordance with the legal requirements of the GoBD, bitfarm Archive offers extensive and practical enterprise content management (ECM) functions such as workflow management and versioning as well as efficient contract management.

Our document management system is developed on an open source basis and has numerous interfaces and plugins. It can therefore be easily adapted to the individual needs of a company. Integration into existing IT components such as merchandise management and ERP systems, financial accounting or PPS software is effortless thanks to the system's extensive interfaces and makes the introduction of a DMS considerably easier.

Remote collaboration is becoming more and more important every day. Our software makes it possible to take the necessary step towards digitalization without major investment. If you work remotely, we offer you easy access to your business documents and content. Archive scanned paper documents, import emails, invoices or any other document format. You can also quickly find, edit or share content. Stay up to date and define workflows wherever you are.

The most important advantages at a glance

Reduction of processing costs¹
Reduction of work steps¹
Reduction of processing time¹

¹Source: AWV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung // Consortium for economic management)


Functions and Options

bitfarm-Archiv document management offers all the functions of a digital archive, document management and enterprise content management system. Some selected functions are already presented here.


Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consists of a set of defined processes, strategies and tools that enable a company to effectively acquire, organize, store and share important information with its employees or customers.

Find out more in this context:

  • Platform-independent document management
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Advantages of versioning
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Document Lifecycle

Find out more about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force in 2018, and the rules it lays down for the protection of personal data.

Also more on the topics:

  • Legal deletion periods for documents
  • „Privacy by design“ & „Privacy by default“
  • Phases of document lifecycle management
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Digital Archiving

Learn about the functionality and advantages of digital archiving within a document management system.

Further points in this context:

  • Mass processing of documents
  • Details on audit-proof archiving
  • E-mail archiving
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A workflow consists of one or more processes, which can run sequentially or simultaneously. Workflows are an integral part of almost every company and enable significant time savings when used correctly.

Learn more about:

  • How document distribution works
  • The advanced business solutions & scripts
  • What options are available for controlling
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License-free document management for everyone

bitfarm-Archiv is offered in two versions. The GPL version can be downloaded free of charge for private & commercial use in small companies.
The Enterprise version, on the other hand, offers efficient document management and enterprise content management specifically for use in medium-sized companies, institutions and public authorities.

Version differences at a glance
bitfarm-Archiv Versionen

Always on the move?

With the bitfarm-Archiv mobile app, you can take your documents with you wherever you go.


mobile app DMS

Document management, DMS, ECM ... What are the differences?

Document Management = Digital administration of documents. Document management includes the creation, processing, distribution and archiving of documents as well as the search for documents.

DMS = According to the definition of the Gabler Business Dictionary, a document management system is a "software package for document management" which, in addition to the standard services, offers additional functions such as simultaneous access to a document by several users, multidimensional classification of individual documents and powerful indexing, as well as the administration and checking of access authorizations.

ECM = Enterprise Content Management is defined by the AIIM as a dynamic combination of strategies, methods and tools that capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information in order to support central organizational processes. It is difficult to draw a clear distinction between an ECM and a modern DMS, as modern document management systems no longer just manage and provide documents, but also content in a wide variety of formats and degrees of structure.

bitfarm-Archiv in picture & sound

We happily invite you to take a look at the functional areas of our software. Learn how to get started with digital document management in just a few minutes.

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years of Open Source

GPL downloads in the last 10 years²
active Enterprise-User

archived documents²


A stunningly fast access to your documents

bitfarm-Archiv applies a new approach to recognizing paper documents and uses Omnipage® OCR , one of the world's leading text recognition systems. Based on this, our product implements a full text search. Thanks to optimized database programming, results are displayed in a matter of seconds, even from hundreds of thousands of documents.

And this is where our slogan comes from: "Don't search - find!" Searching with bitfarm is a pleasure and results are instantly avaiable. And in case full-text search is not sufficient for certain tasks, our software offers extensive possibilities for indexing by using precisely configurable index fields. To ensure that users do not have to bear the costs of maintaining these index fields, rules automate the continuous loading of once learned document types. The data collected with this method can also be processed by other software systems, like corporate accounting or ERP.

Latest News

bitfarm-Archiv Enterprise Version 3.6.2

bitfarm-Archiv 3.6.2 Enterprise with extended functions such as the new additional table field, grouping functions for data records, a modernized, more flexible interface and many other improvements. Here are some impressions in advance.

Mobile Client for Android, iOS & Browser

The bitfarm client is now also available for iOS and Android on tablets and smartphones, as well as for common browsers.

Update - bitfarm-Archiv GPL Version 3.5.0

The open source DMS bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is now available in GPL version 3.5.0.

„What we particularly appreciate about bitfarm-Archiv is that the software can be adapted so flexibly to our business processes.“
Thomas Becker, IT-Director, Canton Elektronik GmbH & Co KG
„bitfarm-Archiv DMS is an enrichment for us. The fact that we can call up and send contracts quickly is innovative both for us as employees and for the company.“
Nadine Hnida, Contracting, POLO Motorrad.
„bitfarm-Archiv is an indispensable cornerstone of our business. Finding information quickly at any time is simply great.“
Klaus Dorner, CEO, Car Center Dorner GmbH & Co. KG
„We are always impressed by the fast, qualified and friendly support from the bitfarm support team. The range of services is remarkable“
Team leader IT system support, Hela Gewürzwerk Hermann Laue GmbH
„The bitfarm-Archiv support is outstanding. Always competent. Always friendly. Always ready with a solution. Always an open ear, even for unusual requirements.“
Rudolf Simon, Head of IT and Communication Technology, Viertel Motoren GmbH