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Costs & licensing

Also in the Enterprise version: No licensing costs.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management is largely developed on Open Source basis. Thus, there are no licence fees apart from optional components from third-party suppliers such as Omnipage OCR or MS Office on the server, which are negligible compared to the total cost. Licence-wise it is irrelevant how many workstations are equipped with the software or how many users work with it; it is also irrelevant how many document sources are to be indexed or how many scanners are to be connected. Only planning, configuration, training and support effort are naturally dependent on the size of the installation and the requirements.

The personal consultation and software demonstration is also free of charge and can also be offered in a resource-efficient online presentation.

After the decision for bitfarm-Archiv Document Management

If you decide to use bitfarm-Archiv DMS, further on-site planning in the course of a workshop as well as the installation and configuration, the briefing of the administrative personnel and - when requested - an employee training session are services that are subject to a fee. To plan the DMS the following information needs to be asserted: analysing the types of documents, categorisation, archiving structure and distribution, work processes and workflow, access rights, document life cycle.

After commissioning and delivery bitfarm software support offers services to ensure smooth operability such as hotline, helpdesk and technician support via remote servicing or on-site support. Updates and patches are also included free of charge. For individual developments and technician services for system extension a reduced charge out rate is set. Furthermore, bitfarm-Archiv DMS is well documented, so that the on-site administrator can take over even more complex configurations himself. Comparing all factors in a total cost listing with other similarly efficient systems bitfarm-Archiv Document Management proves to be a comparatively economic solution for document and knowledge management.

Due to the typical explorer-like user interface, the easy-to-use search function and the big document display users can be familiarised with the programme's functions without extensive training sessions. The fast MySQL database sees to a quick access speed in daily use, which one would like to have for other programmes as well. This makes working with electronic documents not only faster and more efficient, but is also more fun!

Total cost

All in all, the costs for introducing and working with bitfarm-Archiv Document Management does not incur higher service or support fees than any other Enterprise Document Management System would. Licence fees on the other hand do not incur at all.