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Calculating automatically

Example of application from conveyance & logistics.

Especially in the carters business many documents are accumulated. Freight documents, loading papers, weighing slips, speedometers, delivery notes, bills, bill of transfer and much more help this sector achieve a top ranking in respects to paperwork. Here an electronic Document Management System is especially worthwhile.

For example, the conveyance firm Sorgatz & Heinrich from Gelsenkirchen, which is specialised on Siemens and Liebherr household appliances, can easily manage their daily flood of about 3,000 delivery notes thanks to bitfarm-Archiv DMS. With the help of a specially construed scanner by Kodak the documents are captured automatically. The user need only feed the stack of papers into the scanner and press a single button – everything else is done by the DMS. Later access to the documents is possible (and audit-proof) based on delivery note ID or recipient, item number, tour etc. The bitfarm-Archiv system has been taking the pressure off the expeditor team for over 4 years, easing the amount of standard filing and research tasks.

In the case of FerroDuo in Duisburg papers from deliveries, direct sales and raw material supply are automatically captured with bitfarm-Archiv DMS. Here, one is especially happy about the automatic generation of evaluations in Excel, which the DMS can create on demand. Since bitfarm-Archiv DMS automatically reads the corresponding passage from the documents, one can quickly see which tonnages were transported for which customer within which time-frame and much more.

Also, a possibility for the control of reverse delivery notes has been realised with the help of the DMS. This can generate an overview over the number of printed delivery notes, which are still missing a counter-signed recipient's note in the system, at any time. One can also check the generated delivery notes (even manually generated ones) to see which of them have not had the corresponding bill attached – a function that the ERP Lexware the client had could not perform and that has now been taken over by bitfarm-Archiv.

Friedsped in Ummendorf near Biberach is a general conveyance company for Liebherr on duty nationwide. The administration decided to archive all incoming documents, but also every other document generated within the company, in the DMS in future to give all employees fast and easy access to information. Therefore, easy-to-operate scanning systems were installed at various points. Incoming and outgoing e-mails are directly entered into the DMS from the e-mail server. To ensure that all printed documents were entered into the DMS the printers on every workstation were replaced with DMS printers. This way, the user still receives a paper print-out, but at the same time an audit-proof copy is stored in the archive.