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Optimising workflows

Digital vehicle file for car dealers

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management manages the complete electronic processing of incoming mail at Drexl+Ziegler in Augsburg. Every incoming document is first registered centrally and scanned. A first rough sorting can also already take place. Depending on the document type various workflows are initiated. Incoming invoices are sent to the accounting department and temporarily registered there. The accounting department then sends the documents to the corresponding specialist department, which initiated the order. The objective assessment takes place there. After that, the document is sent back to the accounting department, which then does an accounting assessment or sends it back to the invoice issuer, if it is faulty. If the invoice is marked as "correct", it is booked (here in the DATEV system). The accounting record from DATEV is automatically printed on the document as a "stamp" linked to the invoice line item or total account. In cases of large sums, the workflow is then automatically sent to the management, while smaller sums are immediately booked off by the accounting department. The management sets the date of payment and authorises the payment. Here, the DMS supports the car dealer's liquidity planning by giving daily evaluations on the payments to be made in the near future.

One of the main applications at Drexl+Ziegler is the running of a digital vehicle file. This means that all documents related to a vehicle are allocated according to the chassis number. Thus, every employee - in service, workshop or sales - has access to the complete history of the vehicle. With new cars a workflow determines and checks, which conditions for the delivery of a car have been met or still need to be fulfilled. A worksheet is created for each vehicle as a Word document, where the case-worker can tick off any work that has been completed. The distribution of the worksheet to the individual stages is managed via the workflow. This allows Drexl+Ziegler to speed up the delivery of vehicles and at the same time receive a better controlling since every work step is automatically stored in the history, including execution date and time and case-worker. Also, it is easier to give a customer information on the current state of the commission.