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Realising output management

Output management for internet store owners

For a large internet shop system operator bitfarm-Archiv DMS was the decisive step toward an almost completely automatic order processing. Customer orders from various web portals were forwarded by the shop system directly to a specific e-mail address. bitfarm-Archiv Document Management was set to "automatic reception" and picks up new orders once per minute. These are archived in the DMS, automatically classified and sorted. A workflow is automatically triggered with every new order, so that the disposition can become active almost immediately. bitfarm-Archiv also ensures uninterrupted controlling and prevents orders from being overlooked.

Since bitfarm-Archiv is not (yet?) an ERP system, the company still generates the order confirmations, delivery notes and bills with a third-party supplier's product. The generated documents are immediately archived in the DMS and classified. It is then easy to switch from the bill to the order and have complete transactions or customer records shown. A main feature for the company was also to have the output management done by the DMS. This way, most documents are automatically sent to the customer via e-mail by bitfarm-Archiv. With the pending legislative changes in the EU Commission bills sent to customers via e-mail count as delivered (even without signature) and are VAT deductible for companies. This will most likely make output management with bitfarm-Archiv interesting for many more companies in the future.