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bitfarm-Archiv-App – mobile Client for Android, iOS und Browser

screenshot bitfarm-Archiv 3.6.1

After three years of development and a completed beta program, we are pleased to present the bitfarm-Archiv mobile app . The bitfarm client is now also available for iOS and Android on tablets and smartphones, as well as for common browsers. The app is optimized for narrowband connections and therefore offers fast mobile access to your bitfarm DMS anytime and anywhere..

►Full Functionality (Data Sheet)

Search and Navigate

Are you experienced with the Windows client already? Then you will come across familiar elements in the mobile version. The proven search functions are fully integrated. The archive navigation takes place in the usual tree view. Status and additional fields can also be displayed and edited. You can access public and private annotations, metadata and the history of the respective document. The document view of course supports the zoom and wipe gestures usual for mobile devices with touch screens.

Resubmissions and Bookmarks

The resubmission function and bookmarks are available in order to be able to participate in work and workflow processes while on the move. Resubmissions can be forwarded, cancelled or completed. The notification when new tasks are submitted keeps you up to date at all times. In addition, absences that require substitution can be entered, deleted or changed. The mobile client thus provides significant flexibility.

Requirements and Download

bbitfarm-Archiv mobile is now available for free at the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore. The use requires a bitfarm-Archiv Enterprise Server version 3.6 or higher, an installed app server and VPN access for mobile use. You will also need a SSl-Certificate for connection security. Enterprise customers receive technical support as usual via software support.

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