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bitfarm-Archiv - Support

Installation of a self-signed certificate on an Android or iOS device

To use the bitfarm-Archiv App on a tablet or smartphone with Android or iOS, a certificate is required. Certificates can be issued by official certificate authorities for a fee. With such official certificates, no further measures are required on the end devices - the bitfarm-Archiv App can be downloaded and operated directly.

As well as the official certificates, which are subject to a fee, customers can also create their own certificates free of charge. This works with common free tools such as OpenSSL. However, the public key generated in this way must then be installed on the end devices so that the bitfarm-Archiv App can establish a connection to the server. Here is a brief overview of the necessary steps on end devices with Android or iOS operating systems.

Download the certificate or send as e-mail

A certificate can be made available for download by the IT manager via a website. Alternatively, the IT manager can send the certificate to users by e-mail (as an attachment).

Mark certificate as trustworthy

Connecting to the Server

The bitfarm-Archiv App can be used over an intranet, but also over the internet. In this case, a VPN connection must secure data traffic and access to the server. The IT manager will provide details or the corresponding VPN software.

The login to the app requires the address of the server, the name of the bitfarm profile as well as user name and password. This information is also provided by the IT manager.