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A document's metadata in a Document Management System are all associated pieces of information, that are stored in the DMS' database.

Examples of possible metadata

  • compilation, scan date
  • author
  • document type
  • topic
  • project number, project label
  • product
  • version, revision
  • status
  • examiner
  • cost centre
  • customer name, customer ID
  • process number, order number
  • case worker

Manual and automated metadata

Metadata normally have to be entered into a corresponding form by the user when entering up a document (tagging). Some is compulsory, others are optional.

In Document Management Systems with a high level of automation, such as the bitfarm-Archiv Open Source DMS, metadata can also be determined automatically, e.g. from a document or from the advanced file properties, and thus reduce manual and elaborate user input to a minimum.

Some metadata is even compulsory company-wide, e.g. if quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced. Here, the Document Management forms a PDM and a PLM simultaneously.

Variable workflows

The metadata does not only give information, but also allows for specific search and the filtering of search results.

Document-based business processes can be directed on the basis of metadata. The bitfarm-Archiv Open Source DMS can master variable workflows. Depending on the metadata a document has, the relevant workflow is triggered.

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