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DIN EN ISO 9001 ff.

The norm DIN EN ISO 9001 is part of the norm family DIN EN ISO 9000. They describe possibilities, measures and regulations regarding quality management in manufaturing companies. The norms relevant in practice are the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008. At the same time, these norms are certifiable via external audits and thus make quality management measurable in the industry. From this basis many more special (branch) norms were developed that defined the requirements to quality managment, e.g. also for service providers.

Realisation of the norm within a company

A quality management handbook (QMH) has to be written for the realisation of the norm within a company, which documents all relevant processes. The working on documents is also subject to the guidelines of the norm.

With an acceptable effort electronic Document Management can help implement the requirements to the Document Control with the required transparency.

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