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Document Scanner

Real document scanners have major advantages in electronic Document Management – as opposed to the popular all-in-one printers.


  • better paper feeds for less paper jams and greater number of documents
  • automatic page alignment, no crooked scans
  • automatic cutting to correct image format
  • automatic adjusting of brightness and contrast
  • filtering of drop-out colours
  • double intendation recognition, thus, reduction of risk for document loss (if documents not scanned go unnoticed)
  • automatic marking of scanned pages via an imprinter
  • generally better image performance for better OCR results and thus less manual reworking
  • advantage of a reliable full-text search in the Document Management System

Recommendation in the interaction with Document Management Systems

In generally the use of a real document scanner is recommended, because it saves reworking, less documents get lost and has many more advantages. A scanner-printer-copier-combination can also be used for financial reasons, that can also deliver satisfactory results with simpler scans.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management directly supports many functions of modern document scanners via the driver and does not require additional software such as “Virtual Rescan” or similar.

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