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Virtual Rescan (Kofax etc.)

What is it?

Virtual Rescan refers to a software process, which comes after the initial digital capture of paper documents on scanners. This downstream process optimises the image file from the scan. The optimisation cleans up the image (removing interfering pixels), streamlines it, cuts it to size and edits it for further processing with an OCR. Some producers offer Virtual Rescan products; best-known representative in the field of Document Management is Kofax' VRS.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management can be used in conjunction with all known Virtual Rescan products without any problems. But the use of said products is obsolete, when using up-to-date Document Scanners. In conjunction with the graphics filters and other processing options by bitfarm-Archiv DMS, these specialised scanners deliver a quality that fulfills the highest expectations and needn't be optimised further.

It's an image-enhancement program that ensures the highest image quality for most document kinds. Kofax VRS works in conjunction with your scanning program to ensure that each scanned image satisfies your quality requirements. Kofax VRS detects bad image quality right away and makes image upgrades automatically. Kofax VRS comes with a set of interactive adjustment settings that make image correction quick and easy, rather than leaving it to chance.

Users can load any combination of document formats and sizes onto the scanner using Kofax VRS. The document's correct alignment, brightness, sharpness, and contrast are all checked automatically by VRS. VRS corrects any inconsistencies instantaneously, resulting in pure, totally readable images. Background and dark regions are automatically suppressed as well. This results in much greater OCR/ICR recognition rates.

What are the advantages using the Pro Version?

It's frequently paired with a scanner or a multipurpose gadget as a free basic model. It makes no difference whether you choose an MFP that uses ink cartridges or one that prints with a laser printing unit that uses toner. There is also a premium version called Kofax VirtualReScan Pro that offers a considerably wider variety of functionalities and is particularly geared to fulfill the demands of business scanner and MFP customers.

ReScan analyzes documents automatically and applies the appropriate parameters to produce high-quality scanned images. It's as if a quality control engineer is processing even the most complex documents for you to make their data available when you use Kofax.

VRS Pro, for example, can produce high-quality scans of documents with textured backgrounds. Upside-down documents are automatically rotated based on the content. VRS Pro additionally allows for optimal color detection without requiring manual modifications to the scanner's settings. On double-sided documents, translucent content is automatically detected and rectified. Color smoothing is used on originals with plain backgrounds to remove indications of damaged edges, for example. Perforation-induced optical characteristics are also automatically eliminated from the background. If a multi-page document contains blank pages, these pages can be automatically eliminated from the scanned document.

Other advantages are:

  • Increase of the accuracy in regards to the character recognition (OCR and ICR)
  • Shorten the document preparation time
  • Use of the scan profile setting for almost all documents

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