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Virtual Rescan (Kofax etc.)

Virtual Rescan refers to a software process, which comes after the initial digital capture of paper documents on scanners. This downstream process optimises the image file from the scan. The optimisation cleans up the image (removing interfering pixels), streamlines it, cuts it to size and edits it for further processing with an OCR. Some producers offer Virtual Rescan products; best-known representative in the field of Document Managment is Kofax' VRS.

bitfarm-Archiv Document Management can be used in conjunction with all known Virtual Rescan products without any problems. But the use of said products is obsolete, when using up-to-date Document Scanners. In conjunction with the graphics filters and other processing options by bitfarm-Archiv DMS, these specialised scanners deliver a quality that fulfills the highest expectations and needn't be optimised further.

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