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Drop-out colour during scanning

Scanning normal paper documents is hardly a problem for electronic Document Managment Systems. Even popular "all-in-one" printers with integrated printer, copier and scanner achieve good results. On the other hand trying to reliably capture documents automatically that do not have high contrast (e.g. coloured paper often used for carbon copies) is almost impossible. Here all-in-one printers do not deliver satisfactory results, which usually leads to editing the scanned documents on the computer manually.

Drop-out colour during scanning with Document Scanners

Specialised Document Scanners

Specialised Document Scanners can do more. They can not only automatically adjust the brightness and contrast settings for a given document to be scanned, but can also suppress predetermined colours. E.g., when scanning red carbon copies the scanner can ignore the colour red. The scanner just drops the colour out, no longer recognising it. This results in a much more readable black-and-white scan, which can achieve much better results in automatic processing later. In this example, red is the drop-out colour.

Real Document Scanners

Real Document Scanners offer even more valuable functions in contrast to regular all-in-one printers, such as automatic double intendation recognision, which recognises when two or more pages get drawn in at the same time and which can abort the scan automatically. Thus no pages get lost – a disaster when original documents do not get filed. The image quality for the DMS' downstream OCR- and barcode recognision tasks is also much better and leads to more reliable identification. This saves time which otherwise would have been needed for manual tagging.

bitfarm-Archiv DMS directly supports the special functions of some producers for document improvement, leading to first class results – without "virtual Rescan" or similar products.

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