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Automatic tagging

In many cases it is necessary to collect key words and meta data in a document, so as to locate them again without problems at a later date. Association to a project, a commission, a client, a product etc. is also often done via corresponding tagging. The user can make the respective entries into the applicable software interface, for example bitfarm-Archiv Document Management calls these “supplementary boxes”.

Information is automatically selected via basic rules

Manual tagging by the user is very time consuming. Therefore Enterprise-DMS solutions include also automatic tagging. Basic rules – set, adjusted and tended to by the system manager – can automatically select information in common file types via DMS and store them as key words.

Specific patterns can also be recognised in unknown documents with the help of common tags. E.g., if a commission or project reference number always has a specific form, the software recognises these on all documents and automatically tends to these meta data and thus the document's affiliation to a commission or project record.

Is automatic or manual tagging required?

In many cases tagging is not necessarily imperative thanks to highly efficient OCR and fast databases. Almost all documents can be located quickly and accurately via full-text search – even in large archives. When to use automatic or manual tagging or when the use of the full-text search is enough, is one of the topics in planning an electronic Document Management System.

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