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Audit-proof Archiving

An archive system is audit-proof, when it can sufficiently ensure that a document cannot be altered or lost from the point of its arrival in the archive, its transport and up until its final storage and beyond. Basically, all Document Management Systems are audit-proof as individual software. Whether an entire system (consisting of client, server, operating system, DMS and backup) is audit-proof and the requirements for an audit-proof archiving are met, also depend on the configuration and the administration during operation.

To achieve conformity to the GDPdU (Principles on Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents) and the GoBS (Principles of DP-based Orderly Accounting / Bookkeeping Systems), which is important for the acceptance of the digital archive by the tax authorities, a Procedural Documentation has to be made, that can be presented on demand. Apart from the audit-safety, aspects such as the sufficiency of the digital archive regarding the audit period become important. With correct handling, the audit-safety is given by bitfarm-Archiv DMS, which can be demonstrated with a technical procedural documentation at all times.

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