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Self-supporting Archive

Documents in a digital archive are stored on the DMS server as a file as well as as a database entry. Most Document Management Systems can export the documents as individual files, so they can be processed and transported without the DMS software. But this has the disadvantage that metainformation and search functions are not available on these exported documents.

Mobile archives

Some Document Management Systems – including the royalty-free bitfarm-Archiv Document Management – offer an alternative for the production of self-supporting archives. Here, a mobile database with program interface is created, in addition to exporting individual files.

The program and the database are also designed to be called up by mobile, possibly write-protected storage media, such as USB sticks or CDs/DVDs, and do not require installation. These exports offer the same metadata and the same research possibilities as in a real DMS, thus constituting a self-supporting archive.

Self-supporting archives in practice

In practice self-supporting archives are needed, when, for instance, employees are to be enabled to research, read or work on documents on the road without having direct access to the DMS server. The surrender of data storage devices as required by the tax authorities according to the GDPdU (Principles on Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents) can also easily be realised.

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