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Founded in 1972, Canton Elektronik GmbH & Co KG is still family-run today. The company is the largest manufacturer of high-quality loudspeaker systems in Germany and the third largest in Europe. The own development department in Weilrod near Frankfurt am Main and strict quality controls, which are carried out exclusively in Germany, guarantee innovation and a consistently high quality of the products. In addition to the claim to deliver state-of-the-art technology, elegant design and perfect sound, Canton places great value on the longevity of its products.

"We particularly appreciate bitfarm-Archiv's flexibility in adapting the software to our business processes."

Thomas Becker, IT-Director, Canton Elektronik GmbH & Co KG

bitfarm-Archiv DMS at Canton Elektronik

After the introduction of a new ERP system at Canton, it was also necessary to replace the previous program for invoice archiving. The new solution had to be easy to implement. The price-performance ratio was also an important selection criterion. After a thorough examination of the market, bitfarm-Archiv Document Management was finally chosen. The open source software could be flexibly adapted to the requirements and quickly integrated. Due to the lack of license fees and moderate implementation, service and support costs, the calculated cost framework could also be adhered to.

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The Project

When the DMS was introduced in 2012, the focus was initially on the automatic archiving of outgoing invoices and delivery notes generated in the ERP system. DMS rules for all document types of the ERP system were developed in close cooperation with the project manager on site. The bitfarm-Archiv Printspooler ensures the automated transfer of outgoing documents from the ERP system JD-Edwards. This controls the print output and the fully automatic archiving in the document management system. The DMS automatically recognizes all document types and sorts them accordingly. Based on the metadata read out, the document is then correctly indexed and assigned to a customer or order, for example.

In addition to fulfilling the primary project goals, the document management system also considerably simplifies the daily work of Canton employees. For example, documents can be reprinted much more conveniently. In addition, central archiving now also allows external sales representatives online access to their documents.

Expand as required

The audit-proof archiving of documents, such as incoming and outgoing invoices, represents the first step towards digitized document processes in many companies.

However, Canton no longer only archives outgoing invoices and delivery notes. Meanwhile, the software is increasingly being used as a workflow management system and to optimize work processes.

For example, all supplier offers are archived. The time-consuming keywording is dispensed with. Nevertheless, the high-performance full text search of the DMS enables quick price comparisons. Price developments can also be tracked in this way.

Transparent Work Processes

Canton employees also benefit from more transparent workflows and optimized document processes.

In order processing, for example, the processing status of external invoices is documented using various status buttons. Simple filter options provide an overview of invoices that are still to be processed or for which no goods have yet arrived. In this way, open processes always remain in focus.

For invoicing, the existing dual control principle was also set up in bitfarm-Archiv. Every step is logged and documented, from checking the outgoing document and sending it via e-mail to the final booking on receipt of the goods. This creates transparency and facilitates controlling.


Overall, Canton is very satisfied with the decision for bitfarm-Archiv Document Management. The expansion from a pure archiving system to a workflow management system, which optimizes many work processes, is constantly being pushed forward. After all, the possibilities of the DMS are far from exhausted.

In addition to the system's adaptability, the technical support that is always available is particularly convincing, offering quick help with all questions and problems. "We are completely satisfied with bitfarm-Archiv", says Thomas Becker.

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