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headquarters Mazda Germany in Leverkusen

Mazda Motor Corporation was founded in 1920 in Hiroshima, where the headquarters are still located today. In 1972 the distribution of vehicles, parts and accessories on the German automotive market started. From the very beginning, Mazda has focused on modern, dynamic design, high technical competence and innovation. Both the European headquarters, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH, and the German sales company, Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH, are located in Leverkusen. Around 150 employees work at the German headquarters with the support of a nationwide dealer and service partner network, and around 220 at Mazda Motor Europe. A further 80 employees work at the research and development centre in Oberursel.

With the Mazda Dealers Management System MACS, Mazda offers its sales partners in Germany and Austria a comprehensive and convenient full-service system with numerous interfaces to Mazda central systems and partner companies. It takes into account all processes in the car dealership, ensures that day-to-day business runs smoothly and thus supports the partners in providing perfect customer support.

"bitfarm-Archiv is an indispensable cornerstone of our company. Finding information quickly at any time is simply awesome."

Klaus Dorner, Managing Director, Autohaus Dorner GmbH & Co. KG

bitfarm-Archiv at Mazda

In 2011, Mazda Motors Germany and bitfarm GmbH concluded a framework agreement to equip Mazda dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the bitfarm-Archiv DMS. An interface to the Mazda Administration and Communication System (MACS) developed especially for bitfarm was also decisive for Klaus Dorner, the managing director of the Dorner car dealership in Riedlingen, for the introduction of the Open Source DMS in 2012. At this point his company was facing a major growth phase and the entire IT hardware was renewed. He recognized the potential of the document management system and decided to fully exploit the possibilities right from the start.

The implementation of a basic archiving and document management system as well as the training of employees by bitfarm's experts were in the forefront. In the course of time Klaus Dorner adapted the DMS more and more to the requirements of his company. The fact that he was able to carry out these adjustments himself and the flexibility of the system still inspire him today.

In the meantime, all employees of the car dealership who have to do with computers in any way also work with bitfarm-Archiv. Thus, all documents and files that arise in the course of an order and its processing, for example, are stored in the document management system. The process is very simple and requires practically no computer skills, as Managing Director Dorner emphasises. Only the order number must be entered correctly so that the DMS can group and link the individual documents in a meaningful way.

Order Processing with bitfarm

Everything only a click away

In the Autohaus Dorner the entire processing of the orders runs via bitfarm-Archiv. If a customer places a repair order, for example, he signs the order confirmation in a legally binding manner on a signature pad. The document including the embedded signature runs directly into the DMS via an interface.

The material is then ordered with a note of the corresponding order number. The progress of the individual work steps and any test results are also recorded in the system, together with the order number. In addition, images and repair instructions can also be stored in bitfarm-Archivs. The document management system links the individual documents fully automatically. With a single mouse click, all documents and files associated with the order can be called up within seconds.

Workflow Management

The individual documents are distributed to the various departments, such as accounting, warehousing and controlling, via workflows. Each employee receives the documents he or she has to process automatically according to rules that have been defined once. This not only saves paper and printing costs, but also time.

Mr. Dorner believes that the system's running costs are already amortized by the enormous savings in administration alone. He and his employees are particularly enthusiastic about the flexibility of the document management system. The possibilities of adapting to the individual requirements of his own company, the cooperation with the Mazda Dealers Application (MACS) and the manifold possibilities of rights assignment and workflow management make bitfarm-Archiv a cornerstone of his company.


he employees of the car dealership appreciate above all the simple operation of the Open Source DMS as well as the manifold possibilities it offers for capturing documents. The DMS also provides various search options, which also lead to fast results. Every piece of information can be retrieved within seconds.

Should a problem or question arise, the team at Dorner can rely on the bitfarm support staff. Klaus Dorner is sure: "The growth of the last years would not have been possible without bitfarm".

Firmemgebäude Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH