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e-mail Archiving

The term e-mail Archiving describes long-term and secure storage of e-mails in an archiving system. Business communication increasingly takes place via e-mail in most companies, which makes e-mail archiving more and more important. One reason for the introduction of an e-mail archiving system is to ease the strain on the mail server and to avoid data loss, since an e-mail can no longer be accidentally deleted by the user.

Legal regulations need to be adhered to when archiving e-mails. Among others, these regulations are determined in the Principles on Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (GDPdU) and the Principles of DP-based Orderly Accounting / Bookkeeping Systems (GoBS). Furthermore, when archiving e-mails it has to be guaranteed to be done forgery-proof, transparently and comprehensibly. The automatic storage of an employee's private e-mails infringes on postal privacy and has to be either permitted via legal stipulation between employer and employee or be stipulated through a general ban on private e-mails.

There are two different ways for the technical realisation of e-mail archiving. One possibility is the server-sided archiving, which automatically transfers all incoming and outgoing e-mails from the server into the archiving system. The second possibility is the realisation via client-sided archiving, in which the user archives the corresponding e-mails "manually".

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