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BPM (Business Process Management)

Business Process Management (BPM) is a term from business administration, referring to creating, identifying, documenting, controlling and optimising business processes.

Since many business processes are done with the help of electronic data processing, Business Process Management also affects the DP components involved.

Which systems are used?

Many business processes are designed using ERP systems. Document Management Systems also play a role, especially in business processes which are based on document-tied information. Electronic Document Management, ERP, PPC and Financial Accountancy systems in many cases form the company software's core.

BPM support by the example of the Open Source DMS bitfarm-Archiv Document Management

The Open Source DMS bitfarm-Archiv Document Management offers many functions for the support of modern Business Process Managements. All of a company's document processes can be realised with the help of workflows. All actions of a workflow, status etc. are minuted. Evaluations with Excel and other software are possible, in order to conduct various analyses and to develop improvements on document processes.

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