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PPC (Production Planning and Control)


PPC stands for Production Planning and Control.

A PPC system works similar to an ERP system focussing on productive trade, material procurement, stock lists, just-in-time productions etc.

Unlike in the past, when production control and planning were done by hand, today, so-called PSS systems are used. These are computer-assisted systems that can be used for production planning and control. They are used to manage fundamental data in practice, which is frequently in a complex setting. With the advent of the computer, PPS systems became ubiquitous in large firms, but they are still rarely utilized by medium-sized and smaller businesses. The majority of the time, they rely on Excel. Although today's systems provide a wide range of options for enhancing productivity and increasing efficiency.


The phrase "ERP system" is now used to refer to any IT system that can manage all of a company's resources. ERP systems for manufacturing organizations and ERP systems for trade organizations exist today. There are ERP systems with integrated financial accounting, for example, or external financial accounting that is connected to the ERP system via an interface, exactly as there were in the 1980s. Document management, customs processing, controlling, human resources, service management, product data management, and other functional areas are all in this category.

Because each ERP system provider developed their ERP system on a separate foundation, ERP systems have a wide range of functional capabilities. It all started in the 1990s, when all IT systems were essentially classified as ERP systems in order to be evaluated in selection procedures. As a result, there is an almost unmanageable number of ERP systems with widely varying functional scopes and application possibilities - it should be emphasized, however, that a PPS system, also known as an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), is a subsystem of an ERP system.

Summing up, the keypoints are:

  • PPC is the abbreviation for Production Planning and Control
  • PPC systems are comparable to ERP systems in that they focus on productive commerce, material procurement, stock lists, and just-in-time productions, among other things
  • These are computer-aided systems that may be used to plan and regulate manufacturing
  • They're utilized in practice to manage basic data, which is typically in a complex situation

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