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How does a DMS work with SQL, MySQL and MS-SQL?

What is SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) refers to a standard query language, that offers syntax and semantics for inquiries and processing of a database.

Since it is widely used, SQL became an industral standard for databases. A few popular software producers offer SQL databases, e.g. IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and many more.

What is MySQL?

The SQL database MySQL has established itself as an Open Source software. Especially in the field of web and PHP it has become unimaginable to do without MySQL.

Thanks to good performances on standard hardware, such as Document Management, a top position is being held in other fields as well. Here, the effectivenes with full-text indices and semantic full-text search must be highlighted. In these search disciplines – that are especially important for the electronic Document Management – MySQL clearly beats the much more expensive competitors by Microsoft and Oracle.

MySQL is the prime choice as database for an Open-Source DMS. For this reason it is used successfully in the bitfarm-Archiv Document Management System.

Since bitfarm-Archiv uses Omnipage®, the leading text recognition software, full text searches are a popular way of searching documents in the DMS. This is another reason why MySQL is the database of choice for the open source DMS and is recommended for use with bitfarm-Archiv Document Management.

MySQL offers various storage engines, including the fast MyISAM engine, which is mainly used for web applications, as it can handle many thousands of accesses per second without any problems. Alternatively, there is InnoDB, a storage engine for MySQL that supports transaction protocols. This is suitable for demanding applications where high availability must be guaranteed. InnoDB and thus MySQL has already been certified by SAP as a database system for the ERP suite. There is also professional support for the MySQL open source database, which enables its use in mission-critical scenarios.

What is MS-SQL?

MS-SQL (Microsoft SQL) is a database software produced by Microsoft. It is basically transaction-based. The widely used database is used in many business applications in the Microsoft Windows environment. Microsoft can certainly fall back on the best developed support infrastructure worldwide. Also, all functions are available for the MS-SQL database that enable its use in a corporate environment, e.g. hot clustering. MS-SQL is of course also suitable for all tasks within the scope of a document management system.

What is PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is, like MySQL, another open source database. Since MySQL is now being further developed under the direction of Oracle and it is feared that Oracle could have a negative influence on the development, PostgreSQL is worth a closer look. Like MySQL, PostgreSQL is also characterized by a very high performance - especially with full text searches. Thus PostgreSQL is recommended for the employment in document management systems generally and particularly naturally in an open source DMS. However, finding professional support for PostgreSQL might still be difficult, since there is no commercial company behind PostgreSQL, but only a developer community.

Summing up, the keypoints are:

  • SQL refers to a query language
  • MySQL is a database
  • MS-SQL is a Microsoft databse
  • PostgreSQL is a Oracle database

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