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SQL (Structured Query Language) refers to a standard query language, that offers syntax and semantics for inquiries and processing of a database.

Since it is widely used, SQL became an industral standard for databases. A few popular software producers offer SQL databases, e.g. IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and many more.


The SQL database MySQL has established itself as an Open Source software. Especially in the field of web and PHP it has become unimaginable to do without MySQL.

Thanks to good performances on standard hardware, such as Document Management, a top position is being held in other fields as well. Here, the effectivenes with full-text indices and semantic full-text search must be highlighted. In these search disciplines – that are especially important for the electronic Document Management – MySQL clearly beats the much more expensive competitors by Microsoft and Oracle.

MySQL is the prime choice as database for an Open-Source DMS. For this reason it is used succesfully in the bitfarm-Archiv Document Management System.


MS-SQL (Microsoft SQL) is a database software produced by Microsoft.

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