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bitfarm-Archiv Toolbox

The bitfarm-Archiv Toolbox is a collection of software tools. With this tools it is possible without great effort to incorporate special functions in bitfarm-Archiv document management. The toolbox consists essentially of a set of command-line tools. Using scripting (Python etc.), these tools can be easily combined to complex functions. The Plugin-Interfaces makes it possible to integrate the scripts into the archive process, workflows, or integrated into the user interface as an user application.

With the bitfarm-Archiv toolbox it is possible to manage many tasks direct on the document database. Of course safety is the most important role. By using the bitfarm-Archiv toolbox, for example, it is not possible to delete documents.

Overwiew of the main tools

  • searchdocsbyfields - searches documents into archives, which contains certain additional field values. Returns a list of DocIDs
  • bfaquery - free database search with SQL-Where statements
  • createnewjobfile - creates a Job-file to a document. Therefore the DocID must be known. With the jobfile, additional document information can be passed to the database.
  • searchemptydoctxt - repair tool, if the OCR failed and no admin alert is defined. So, documents can belated sent to the OCR.
  • searchhistory - allows a search over the document history. For example, searching for specific processes in the past.
  • imgtopdf - creates a PDF from any image out of the DMS.
  • blat - sends a document or just any Information via e-mail (also known otherwise public domain tool).
  • tifprint - prints a document on a printer
  • startworkflow/stopworkflow - Tools for workflow control

A complete overview about the tools and its functions, is available for the customers with the documentation of the Enterprise-Edition, or over the bitfarm-Archiv support. With the Toolbox, new customers functions were developed as plugins since the first versions of the DMS, continuously over again. Because of the open-source-license, there are available for all customers. Often the developed plugins can be used and modified for similar functions. That this is even possible, and not everything needs to be recreated from scratch, shows the advantage of the open source concept in bitfarm-Archiv.

A List of available plugins is beyond the scope here. For questions about special functions just contact directly the experts.

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